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Lightworkers Unite

So many of you worked alone and in secret for years, and many more of you are now waking to the power and purpose you have as a multidimensional being of Light. 

Regardless of your background and experience, this 2012 calling is undeniable. You are being gently guided and supported to embrace the gifts you have and help hold the space for this upcoming gateway moment. 

This invitation is the start of a whole new phase of your work in Light, and so you are asked to take your place.

Be proud of who you are, it really is time to shine.

Your Invitation
When will you step up and step out, if not now?

Tune in, and be in the right place, at exactly the right time:

This is the moment you have waited for, and the deep connection you’ve longed for – aligning with all beings everywhere – those who know that love is All.

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20.12.2012 The Gateway

Join us for this global event

20.12.2012 at 8pm (UK Time) – Free.

Register your place now, and receive a timely reminder:

Or translated into French (at 8pm French time):

The gateway is ready – Are you?

2012 GatewayA powerful alignment, bringing you the specific activations required to access the frequency of this auspicious time.  I am delighted to be with you for this global event, as we raise the vibration and access fully the new Light of transformation – calling forth your highest potential, to live the empowered heart’s truth.  This awakening to true power will open your heart, elevate your consciousness, align you with All, and prepare you for the greatness 2013 and beyond offers.

Join us from anywhere in the world – Free. 

To share this event via facebook:

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The Time is Now!

Over the next few days the energy will be building, supporting you to release that which you no longer need.

A reshaping is occurring at all levels, a gentle metamorphosis which cannot be denied.  Trying to resist, deny, or escape these inevitable changes will result in the feeling of struggle, and overwhelm.  You are not being asked to struggle, or to feel overwhelmed, you are instead being asked to release yourself into peace.

As this change occurs you may wonder what’s going on, and you could feel as if you are losing all sense of yourself, or losing sense of your place in the world – this is a transient feeling and will pass.

Who you are, and why you are here will become clearer as the New World emerges.  Though for now, uncertainty is a guiding force at this most transformative point in human history.  Everything is in question, as doubt seems to reign supreme – and yet as the storms of change whip the world into perceived chaos, you can find a place of stillness, and peace within. Continue reading

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Time to Let Go?

Time to Let Go?It couldn’t be easier!

This timely broadcast has been our most popular so far, streaming live to over 30 countries – the feedback we’ve received has been phenomenal.

As 2012 draws to a close, you can take advantage of this powerful gateway, and release yourself completely into a new empowered phase of your life – preparing for all 2013 has to offer.

If you haven’t listened yet, then there’s still time… (replay available now) (replay available now) (live broadcast on Wednesaday 28th November at 8pm UK time)

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Time to Let Go?

Upcoming Broadcast

Time to let go?Many of you are getting that “it’s now or never” feeling – bubbling up from deep within.  As we enter the last quarter of this powerful 2012 time, a realisation of what this means tugs ever deeper at the core.

If not now, then when? 
When will you be happy, at peace, at One?
Continue reading

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Ascension Steps Broadcast (Free)

Ascension StepsThe Fast Track

Feeling left behind?
Even if you haven’t listened to all the previous broadcasts, this week’s is designed to bring you up-to-date, a short cut for this busy time.  This is the most important Activation sequence in this series so far – don’t miss out!

This Wednesday 19th September at 8pm (UK Time)
Listen from anywhere in the world.
Continue reading

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Earth’s True Heart Activation

Ascension Success

The summer solstice weekend marked an important point for us as we brought together a special group of people for the 3rd and final activation of the Earth’s true heart energy centre/portal.

The Ascension Weekend Photo

Continue reading

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Ascension Steps

Upcoming Broadcast

You are invited to join a growing global community, help raise consciousness and harness the energetic frequencies of transformation at this powerful time.

Listen to the next Life Upgrade Broadcast – Ascension Steps

Ascension Steps

Continue reading

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Get Super-Charged for 2012

Helping You Make The Shift

At Life Upgrade we are dedicated to helping you through the shift.  If you haven’t taken full advantage of all the great audio activations available, then check out the website.

These are Free, easy to access and supercharged.  You will not only want to listen to them again, you will want to share them with everyone you know.  Enjoy!


"Times are definitely a’changing!"

Blessings, let your true authentic Light shine brightly.

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Venus Transit Portal Activation

Live Broadcast – Portal Activation

Tuesday 5th June – 8pm (20:00) UK time – Duration 30mins

This event is absolutely priceless, and for that reason it is gifted to you for Free.

Tune-in live via internet, or phone, from anywhere in the world.  We highly recommend you participation live, though a recording will be made available later. 

This one off opportunity invites you to take your place as a portal is opened and consciousness shifts to a whole new, exciting level.  You will receive specific, coded information as part of a unique energy transmission and activation sequence.  This will support you to release the past paradigm of fear and separation, and move gently into the new paradigm of Oneness, Love and Unity.

It is now time for the masculine and feminine energies of our beautiful, beloved planet to come into balance.  These powerful energies must first be brought into balanced in ourselves.  Fear must be released if true love is to be known.  A bridge must be built by those who believe in another way, and who are prepared to ground what they know by showing up in their totality. Continue reading

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