Lightworkers Unite

So many of you worked alone and in secret for years, and many more of you are now waking to the power and purpose you have as a multidimensional being of Light. 

Regardless of your background and experience, this 2012 calling is undeniable. You are being gently guided and supported to embrace the gifts you have and help hold the space for this upcoming gateway moment. 

This invitation is the start of a whole new phase of your work in Light, and so you are asked to take your place.

Be proud of who you are, it really is time to shine.

Your Invitation
When will you step up and step out, if not now?

Tune in, and be in the right place, at exactly the right time:

This is the moment you have waited for, and the deep connection you’ve longed for – aligning with all beings everywhere – those who know that love is All.

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