Earth’s True Heart Activation

Ascension Success

The summer solstice weekend marked an important point for us as we brought together a special group of people for the 3rd and final activation of the Earth’s true heart energy centre/portal.

The Ascension Weekend Photo

The event was not only a great success, with many personally liberating moments for those participating – but it also signified the initial grounding process for a new energy transmission.  This awakened heart energy holds a particular frequency, or resonance, that is required for planetary ascension.  There will be many opportunities for you to connect with this unique energy transmission – allowing it to support your personal transformation, and our inevitable global shift in consciousness.

We will bring you all the information required; helping you ground your true potential, awaken to a unified purpose – by making a personal shift into presence and ultimately aligning with All.

If you have missed some of the previous activations, then here they are again:

Link to activations

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