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Life Upgrade's unique energy transmission supports the process of both personal and planetary awakening. Attune to the New Frequency and get the upgrades, activations and insights you require to make the shift.

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Use your intuition to navigate around this website and be guided as to which transmission/broadcasts to listen to and which exciting events to attend.

Follow your heart's calling, and find yourself receiving exactly what you need, when you need it!

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Sacred Sovereignty - Glastonbury Retreat

EventSacred Sovereignty - Glastonbury Retreat

An experiential journey into what it means to embody the wisdom of sacred sovereignty at a time when the structures of the old world are crumbling.

Discover grounded, practical day-to-day ways to build resilience, restore balance; naturally bringing you into a place of authentic, purposeful living.

1st July 2021

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Awaken your Hands of Grace

Life Upgrade TVAwaken your Hands of Grace

This 6 part series will guide you through the process of awakening your healing hands for both personal and planetary transformation.

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Imbolc Ceremony

Life Upgrade BroadcastImbolc Ceremony

Join us for an Imbolc ceremony/meditation. Let's celebrate that a deep stirring is occurring and new energies are emerging; the creation of a new cycle of life is now underway.

Breathe the energy of new beginnings into your life now.

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Awakening Power

Life Upgrade BroadcastAwakening Power

There is nothing that you cannot achieve as the creative power of the cosmos is available to you, here and now.

The power you have is increasing, it is increasing every day. But how will you embody this richness, the higher qualities being offered?

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Journey into Power

Life Upgrade BroadcastJourney into Power

We are humble servants to a guiding force, much greater in power and potential than anything we can easily imagine. Humble servants of a great intelligence which supports all life here on our beloved planet.

Align and be part of a great awakening.

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Golden Gateway Initiation

Life Upgrade BroadcastGolden Gateway Initiation

As the coded light transmission continues to pour into our beloved planet at this transformational time, we are called together to open our hearts and receive the initiation of the Golden Heart.

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Transmissions for a
New Earth (parts 1-6)

Life Upgrade BroadcastTransmissions for a New Earth (parts 1-6)

Weekly transmissions to guide and support the transition to a New Earth.

Tune in for Ancestral Re-patterning, Grid-work, Collective Re-coding, Karmic Release, Parts Integration, Light Language transmission, Energetic Upgrades, Activations and more.

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Global Meditation
— Hands of Grace Unite

Life Upgrade BroadcastGlobal Meditation — Hands of Grace Unite

The network of light is growing stronger each day, and you are called to take your place. There has been a recent increase in available energy and the latest activations are now available for you to receive.

Let's join together, plug into the power grid of grace in action and get all the latest upgrades. This will be potent and transformational.

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Global Meditation
— Healing Earth

Life Upgrade BroadcastGlobal Meditation — Healing Earth

This is a powerful time in the history of humanity and much of the lost power of the wisdom keepers and healers is now to be returned.

This transmission will encourage a deeper connection to yourself, to the healer within, and to the power you have to help heal our collective relationship with our planet and beyond.

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Global Meditation
— Grace in Action

Life Upgrade BroadcastGlobal Meditation — Grace in Action

Together we are stronger. Through this meditation process you will be guided to the very heart of you. It is from this newly activated, awakening space that you can become a channel for the light and serve as grace in action.

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Global Meditation
— Network of Light

Life Upgrade BroadcastGlobal Meditation — Network of Light

This meditation will help you to deeply relax and give reassurance on a cellular level – boosting immunity and injecting positivity.

You will be invited to be a powerful witness in helping to ground vital light-energy, for healing and transformation.

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Daily Wake-Up Call: Rising

Daily Wake-Up CallDaily Wake-Up Call: Rising

5 minutes per day (over 21 days) to super charge your life!

Unique transmissions, connecting you ever more deeply with the powerful energies of this transformative time.

Feel inspired, uplifted and deeply nourished each day.

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