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Life Upgrade

Life Upgrade's unique energy transmission supports the process of both personal and planetary awakening. Attune to the New Frequency and get the upgrades, activations and insights you require to make the shift.

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Use your intuition to navigate around this website and be guided as to which transmission/broadcasts to listen to and which exciting events to attend.

Follow your heart's calling, and find yourself receiving exactly what you need, when you need it!

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Awakening 2020 - Glastonbury Gateway

EventAwakening 2020 - Glastonbury Gateway

Join us for the magical event of the year!

8 days of total immersion into your magical nature.

Be guided through powerful sacred ceremonies, including Glastonbury Tor new moon ceremony, Earth Grid activation, Fire ceremony, plus so much more...

19th May 2020

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Tune in to the Latest Transmissions …

Sapphire Light Codes

Life Upgrade BroadcastSapphire Light Codes

Are you ready for the Sapphire Light Codes Activation?

Powerful energies are coming to our planet each and every day now supporting us, and lifting us up through challenging times here on Earth.

These energies are purposeful; they are the light codes of ascension and whilst it may take time to see their transformational power in clear and obvious ways, have no doubt that change is happening.

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Daily Wake-Up Call: Rising

Daily Wake-Up CallDaily Wake-Up Call: Rising

5 minutes per day (over 21 days) to super charge your life!

Unique transmissions, connecting you ever more deeply with the powerful energies of this transformative time.

Feel inspired, uplifted and deeply nourished each day.

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New Moon Meditations
25th December 2019

New Moon MeditationNew Moon Meditations

Journey within and be magically transported to work with the potent energies of each New Moon through these beautiful Ceremony/Meditations.

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Products & Home Study Courses …

Who Are You? - Discover Your Authentic Self

Self Development PackageWho Are You?  Discover Your Authentic Self

You are invited to take a transformational journey into the heart of who you really are.  Discovering your true authentic nature is the very key to manifesting the life of your dreams.  Once in alignment with your true essence, all things become possible.

The Who Are You? Home study course will help you identify and change restricting patterns, attitudes and behaviours which currently hold you back in life.

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Hypnosis for Pregnancy & Childbirth

Audio ProgrammeHypnosis for Pregnancy & Childbirth

This audio collection and its supporting booklet have been designed to gently guide you into deep relaxation, both as support throughout pregnancy and as birth preparation.

Our free gift to you.

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