New Moon in Taurus

Utilise the potent energies of this New Moon by planting a seed; a metaphorical or a physical one. Focus first on the richness of the soil, the pure magic within the seed and the tender nurturing required for it to thrive.

You are like a seed of starlight here on Earth, so full of potential. Get your roots down deep into the earth, and tap into the abundant riches of our beloved planet.

It takes time for a seed to become a plant. It takes time for shoots to appear above ground and for the stalk to rise and first leaves to form. The growing plant never worries about whether it will make it, or be good enough – the growing plant just is.

Acknowledge the present moment. Show gratitude for your physical body and the opportunities that being embodied offers. Appreciate yourself and all the inevitable changes, and just be here now.

Make time to luxuriate; a massage perhaps, or a delicious soak in the bath with salts and essential oils. Give thanks as you mindfully pamper the wonderful vessel which supports you every day and perhaps agree to treat it more kindly with both words and actions.

Listen to the New Moon meditation/ceremony here:

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2 Responses to New Moon in Taurus

  1. Michael Daly says:

    Thank you Tracy for this meditation and all that you are doing!

  2. Anne Asquith says:

    Tracey thank you so much for sharing your immense knowledge and your beautiful voice and knowing, you are a multifaceted crystal lightting up the world in all you think say and do. Thank you for holding our hands and hearts on this journey. Xx xxx

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