Tracy Holloway
Tracy Holloway

Tracy has rapidly gained a reputation as a pioneering visionary for New Earth. Her inspired words speak directly to the heart. Truly authentic, Tracy shares her natural gifts and talents with great humility, helping raise consciousness by motivating others to be who they really came here to be.

Tracy is an internationally renowned teacher, inspirational speaker, writer, presenter and broadcaster. She eloquently shares her intuitive wisdom, insights and unique energy transmission through audio presentations, guided meditations, talks, workshops, ceremonies, internet broadcasts and sacred journeys with the land.

With over 25 years experience as a group facilitator working with all aspects of energy psychology, personal/planetary awakening, metaphysics and sacred journeys (both those on the inner-realms and through ceremony and activation of sacred sites) – Tracy is an inspiring and exceptional guide on the path of Awakening.

As a child, Tracy was given many insights into the collective creation of New Earth and gifted keys and activation sequences for specific gateways/portals of planetary ascension. Her work has guided her to be fully present, open-hearted and in service to this Calling.

Well known for her open mind, generous heart, friendly manner and good sense of humour, Tracy is a natural catalyst for deep and lasting change.

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What People Say About Tracy

Tracy Holloway

Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who empowers you with the right information to change your life. Years of therapy, 100's of self-help books, 100's of hours of online videos and years of groups and workshops. Nothing helped me, nothing felt right. I was still stuck in my old ways, nothing made any sense to what I was feeling.

I watched a fabulous friend change before my eyes, the things she was saying and doing things that resonated with me. I asked her what had happened.  She simply said “I stood in my own power and changed. Tracy gave me the tools to do the work myself”

So I watched her videos, and did my research. I could see what people meant, Tracy was speaking my language and things dropped into place. I listened to my first transmission and it rocked me to my very foundations, it was like a whole new world had opened to me.

Decades of confusion, pain, feeling so alone, in one transmission had cracked my tiny little world right open. The transmission was a huge catalyst for change within me, Tracy gave me those tools to make big lasting changes within myself and my life. 

What I loved was the workshops and meeting Tracy, finally finding people who thought like me and speak the way I do.  A real community that is making changes to the world we live in on a universal level.

Annemarie Harris

For many years now, listening to Tracy every night as I go to sleep and as I sleep has been my normal. At first, I just felt they were what I needed to clear out limiting beliefs or to help me exist in a crazy world. I feel that right now, the broadcasts work to align us to the vibration of the new earth that we are all collectively building. The more of us that know this and tune in, the faster the transition will be and we can transform the crazy to bliss.

Eva Fernandes

I have been lucky enough to enjoy all of Tracy's broadcasts and they never fail to show me truth. They gently awaken by holding a beautiful safe space for you to truly explore your inner worlds, and wisdom. It has become a very important part of my life creating shifts of consciousness that connect me more deeply to all that is.

Liz Fay

I have been listening to Tracy’s broadcasts for 10 years. Having them in the background of my life has supported me in becoming more authentic and empowered. As I listen to them in the evenings (usually falling asleep) they keep reminding me of the bigger picture and I also enjoy the different energy themes which keeps it interesting for me.

Kiera Petersen

I have been listening to Tracy's broadcasts for many years, and I can honestly say they are truly life changing. They are beautifully and potently layered to gently access parts of you that even you may not know are there. You'll be taken on a journey to yourself, back home to your soul’s true potential. You need do nothing except listen and drift away into your inner cosmos. Oneness in motion. The more you listen the deeper you go.

Izzy Bowen

I've been listening Tracy's broadcast over a decade now and they've been tremendous support to my self transformation in my life. Listening as many times as possible they help me to go in deeper to connect the richness and the source within and around me. Tracy's beautiful gentle loving voice with open heart words are so reassuring, and they help you to let yourself be free. I can't recommend highly enough if you want to develop deeper enriching experiences in your life.

Yuri Douse

The course reached parts of me that had not been properly, truly reached before - I feel like I can create and nurture my authentic life and self. Life on planet Earth feels much easier, more flowing and with more sustained access to liberated fun, laughter and playfullness and more, and more, and more!

Fleur Barnfather

Dear Tracy - you have handed me the keys to the universe. All I need do now is go out and play with them. You have spoken a lot of universal truth. Eloquently, brimful of wisdom, deceptively simple. Thank you for enriching my life. I am excited by the possibilities for joy and clarity that will follow.

Andrew Hickinbotham

Ever since I can remember I've asked questions about how 'it' all works: the universe, our role within it, our human beingness.  And until I did Life Upgrade I found partial answers.  After having done Tracy's course and read her book, I now 'know' in a way that no other course, book or teacher has shown.

The simplicity yet profoundness of the Life Upgrade course has left me with a sense of peace and contentment and most importantly tools that I will have forever which can only make life even better.  Tracy's teaching style is engaging, fun and you can tell that the information comes from a really pure place.  It's an opportunity of a lifetime to do Life Upgrade because you get to be in complete control of your life afterwards, what a gift!

Eva Fernandes

This is the most enjoyable, empowering and authentic course in which I have ever participated.

It was a real privilege and is also the answer to a long held dream, as I have spent many years, many thousands of £££s and many air miles travelling to far flung reaches of the globe in search of 'it'.

So the sense of relief at arriving HERE is huge.


Re: Tracy's approach and teaching style -

I really liked Tracy's whole approach and teaching style, so I wrote a few words about how that came across for me at the weekend -

I find Tracy to be an engaging and excellent teacher, as well as a gifted practitioner - with the ability to facilitate real change in people.

I was impressed with her compassion and empathy and her ability to be truly present for everyone.

No question was too trivial and received her fullest consideration. Every person benefited from her most whole and patient attention until resolution and transition occurred for them.

It was graceful, inspiring and gentle.

Put simply - CHANGE HAPPENS around Tracy and this is surely the 'gold standard' for a course 'guaranteeing a shift'. It's where the 'rubber meets the road', so to speak.

In my case, just being able to attend the full course for 3 whole days in a row was a 'miracle'.

The seemingly impossible becomes possible in her presence - doors open, paths clear, 'things' come together and lives change forever.

Tracy is rarer still in that she uses her skills, knowledge and insights to empower her students to empower themselves to make their own change.

We became able to see for ourselves, perhaps for the first time, the immensity of what is possible for us as individuals and, by extension, for everyone.

We took away practical tools to be put to good effect immediately, and used confidently - right now.

I also think she did really well to explain an entirely new concept, or 'way of being', in only 3 days AND make it fun in the process!

I consider Tracy to be a gifted facilitator, a compassionate visionary and an innovator in her field.

She has had the confidence to step outside the current paradigm of human beliefs and thought, to explore the unknown with a keen and pioneering curiosity and has brought back practical, life changing and inspiring gifts for everyone.

She has also had the good grace to present them in a simple and accessible way - thank you!

Jackie S.

I feel this course is going to change my life in such a positive way. This is the best course I have done in the last 11 years since I started my journey with energy. Thanks a million Tracy.

Linda Iacono

Tracy is an amazing being of light. She naturally inspires All.

Meryl Hunt

I initially attended Life Upgrade on the strength of testimonials and past courses.  I am very glad that I did so, because Life Upgrade is beyond words.

Tracy Holloway has transformed herself as well as what she teachers and I feel privileged to be introduced to and be part of this leading edge material.

Kevin Tang

This is the best course I've ever been to in my life!  Love it.  Thank you.

Saiya Guö

I have so much respect and love for Tracy and awe for the amazing space she holds and the wonderful people she attacts to her courses. Thank you for your integrity and courage, for showing up and being in the most authentic way possible.

Cathy Townroe

Tracy is an inspiring, extraordinary being who always opens my mind and heart beyond what I could have imagined.

Sheli Andrew

Tracy is an inspiration, and a powerful channel for the highest of Divine Truth.  I absolutely loved the course, her ideas, the way she presented them and how it all tied in with my understanding of how the system of things function on both a higher macro level and a sub-atomic micro level.  Thanks you Tracy.  You are a star.  Keep shining.

Bridget Finklaire

Thank you for sharing this. Your light has touched us all and is helping us shine our light so we can inspire others to shine. I feel clear and lighter.

Lee Chadwick

This was a lovely uplifting and joyful course, pretty 'heavy' stuff presented in a light, enjoyable and 'flowing' way, that makes even difficult to understand concepts seem so easy.

Marilyn Keegan

This has been the easiest and most profound workshop I have done.  Thank you for allowing this beautiful knowledge to sparkle within me.  I feel it in the deepest place, I feel absolutely great, sparkly and shiny in all aspects of my life.

H. Leriche

Great presentation with brilliant bursts of humour too.

David Lavery

This is what I have been waiting for and I feel very privileged to have been part of this group and having Tracy as a teacher.  I know now that I will go away and be all that I am, as I have cleared so much and have the tools to keep clearing.  I will definitely be doing more training with Tracy.  Being connected to the Divine and acknowledging that it is always there is the greatest gift that I have come away with.

Angela Caci

This was a very inspirational and enjoyable course.  It allowed me to shift and expand my consciousness significantly, enabling me to live my life more fully, more easily and with more joy and happiness.

I intuitively knew that my intentions and thoughts made such a huge difference to creating my reality but I was at a loss as to how to shift/change this.  Tracy gave me the tools to enable me to do this and I am very grateful.


Loved it - thank you.  It's the turning point in my life I have been waiting / loooking for.  It all makes sense - am looking forward to creating clear space and 'letting life' show up & to enjoy just 'being'.  Thank you so much.

Liza Collins

Tracy allowed us to be, whilst nurturing us through massive amazing leaps.  A lot happened and I feel awake and pleased to be alive.  I look forward to shining my light and knowing my true authentic self more and more.

Julia Smith

Tracy is an inspiring teacher, explains things clearly and as simply as possible.  She’s funny and entertaining and I love her workshops.  I feel very different and very exited about the future.

Sarah Lambert

Tracy, I can’t thank you enough for letting me be part of this fabulous course.  I want to go away and just let everyone know how easy it is just to be.  To be happy, content knowing we are here to enjoy ourselves and be a part of the great evolutionary change we are all going to experience.

Penny Hummerston

The manuals are excellent.  I felt very welcome, loved and supported.  I am already enjoying the change.  Many, many thanks.

Helen G.

I shifted loads on the course and the new technique has taught me how to continue to shift.  Not only does it feel like I am beginning to touch my true divinity for the first time but also I have confidence to shine that out to the world.

I went out this morning and played with shining out to the world and the world beamed back!!  Wonderful!!

Amy Marner

Simple and magical.  Presented in such a clear way that I feel now I can break away from my old way of thinking and patterns and pursue my potential without restrictions, no matter what I do, no matter where I am.  We are all One.  Keep Upgrading!

Ritsuko Fujimori

Tracy’s course in November already shifted so much for me even though we only touched on the new Life Upgrade material.  I am so excited about all that I have learned.  It helped to clarify what I had started playing around with and I can’t wait to see how it is going to manifest in my life and in the lives of those around me.

I Love It!

Thanks you so much Tracy for your clarity, vision and passion.  What an amazing gift I have received.

Sophie Auber


A really clear explanation of the concepts.  I felt individually supported throughout the journey.  The enthusiasm and positivity was infectious.

Best of all, Tracy is approachable and the class is held in a very clear space, free from judgement and encourages you to take risks with your own learning.


I feel amazing because the course Tracy delivered was amazing.  This is such a great way of being.  I am looking forward to sharing it out there.

Georgina F.

A big thank you Tracy for a really wonderful Life Upgrade course last weekend.

Since I did a taster of Life Upgrade in November, my life has truly transformed.  My work has easily shifted so that I am only doing the work that makes my heart sing.  Also 2 weeks after the taster, I started channeling a childrens book (a fairy story of course!).

Now I have done the full course, I am super inspired and also feel at peace.

Kiera Petersen

The Life Upgrade foundation course was beautifully crafted – fantastic graphics of the highest quality and great fun too.


Tracy has introduced me to a new uncomplicated way of just being.  Without having to worry if I am doing it right or if it is actually happening, I was able to instantly see the results in my life - just by being in a clear space.  This new way of looking at life, and just being - which is what we are here to do - is an amazing tool!

Terry Bowen

The beautiful simplicity of this is magical.  It resonates so easily within my core, I wonder why for so long things have been made to feel so complicated.


Tracy has been an inspiration to me for many years and I am so grateful for all that I have discovered and learnt from and with her.  I took her latest course recently and it has been life changing.  An amazing shift in consciousness is taking place for me and making me question all the ideas I have about myself - it is almost like I do not know who I am anymore!!  I am practising moment to moment awareness and presence and simply letting anything that interferes with this sense of oneness fall away.  I now have this amazing feeling that I can trust my authentic self to show me the way forward.

Tracy is an amazing teacher, I really value her love of simplicity and her clarity.  It is always so easy and so life-changing to learn with her.  I am immensely grateful for her being such an inspiration to me and to so many others.

Sophie Auber

Wow!  Tracy taught us some incredibly gentle but powerful techniques in exploring and developing a new way of being.  Using these techniques I have been able to access and release stuff I have never been able to reach before.  Without struggle, without resistance, without doubt she has shown me just how simple it is to live in alignment with my Divine truth and guidance.  The opportunities and the possibilities are endless.  It has been transformational for me.

Liz Fay

Since learning about Life Upgrade I have been able to release a lot of fear and move forward in life.  I now feel more able to deal with life's 'ups and downs'.  Tracy's teaching is empowering: she encourages her students to connect with their divinity in a loving and supportive way.  Her work is inspirational.

Amy Marner

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Life Upgrade, and it's been brilliant.  Before this, I had been consciously practising being present, although most of my days were spent thinking about the future, and only a few times a day remembering to bring my awareness to the present.

Now with Life Upgrade it has all changed, I now live in the present and maybe a few times a day think about the future!  I have also found that some old out-dated patterns have simply fallen away without me having to 'try'.  My relationships with loved ones have also improved, as I now remembered how to be fully present with them.

Thank you so much Tracy for this really simple and life changing technique.

Kiera Petersen

Although I thought I came with an open mind, it wasn't until writing this that I realised how many pre-conceptions I had started with, which have fallen away now. This understanding gives me confidence that I have tools now to be certain that I can change how I am in the world and how I relate to it.


I'm already noticing a shift in consciousness, I feel lighter and in a more magical 'able' space. I just can't wait to get home and start applying it to my present various life issues ... (you know the ones which've seemed so difficult to deal with until now). Roll on the simple, fun times!

Jakee Harrison