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Feeling left behind?
Even if you haven’t listened to all the previous broadcasts, this week’s is designed to bring you up-to-date, a short cut for this busy time.  This is the most important Activation sequence in this series so far – don’t miss out!

This Wednesday 19th September at 8pm (UK Time)
Listen from anywhere in the world.

The 5th broadcast of this popular series is on its way.  Ascension Steps is open to everyone, and this week’s worldwide transmission will provide you with the Upgrade you need.  If you haven’t listened before, or you started off with good intentions and have since not kept up, then this catch-up opportunity is especially for you.

The energy transmission and specific activations will help guide you through any challenges, bringing you back to the very heart of you and into your true power.

Resistance to change is all part of the journey right now.  The Life Upgrade broadcasts are a guiding light, supporting you to break free from limitation, attune to your inner wisdom, and step courageously into a whole new way of being – celebrating your uniqueness and being part of the solution.

Anchoring this powerful heart energy is an essential Ascension Step at this 2012 time.  Take your place, and let your true magnificent light shine.

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