Ascension Steps

Upcoming Broadcast

You are invited to join a growing global community, help raise consciousness and harness the energetic frequencies of transformation at this powerful time.

Listen to the next Life Upgrade Broadcast – Ascension Steps

Ascension Steps

Plug into this unique energy transmission.
Receive the necessary activations and coded information sequences.
Be supported to make the transition/shift.
Open the heart to truth, the mind to infinite possibilities and awaken your potential.
Come into alignment with a greater purpose, a shared vision – Oneness with All.

Take your place. It’s time to play a part in the greatest show on Earth. It’s your time to shine – and bring the Light of your true essence to this planet, at this time. 

Thursday 19th July 2012
8pm – 9pm (UK time)

Secure your place now:

The event is priceless, and comes to you Free of charge.

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