Time to Let Go?

Upcoming Broadcast

Time to let go?Many of you are getting that “it’s now or never” feeling – bubbling up from deep within.  As we enter the last quarter of this powerful 2012 time, a realisation of what this means tugs ever deeper at the core.

If not now, then when? 
When will you be happy, at peace, at One?

This time offers the greatest opportunity to at last Let Go!
– But will you? 
– Can you?
– Do you even know how to?

Do you resist?
Do you unconsciously block your own progress?
Do you get in the way of your own happiness, success and well-being?

We will be bringing you a special 3 part Life Upgrade broadcast, to help you release that which no longer serves you, and encourage you to finally put down the baggage you’re fed up with carrying.

You can journey into 2013 brighter and lighter, if you utilise the energies of this potent time fully.

Starts Wednesday October 31st at 8pm (UK time).  Sign up now and you will receive reminders to tune-in live, plus unlimited access to the replays.

Part 1: Wed 31st October 2012
Part 2: Wed 14th November 2012
Part 3: Wed 28th November 2012

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