What is Light Language?

Light Language can be used to fast track your awakening journey.

This multi-dimensional language contains vast amounts of information in the form of coded, light-symbols and frequencies in small, easy to receive packages.

If you imagine your body as computer hardware, and light-language and coded information as software you can begin to see how it can contain such vast amount of influential input which can have a huge impact on how you operate in your life.

Light Language speaks to the heart, and can facilitate and support powerful healing and transformation. It is an important part of the awakening of human consciousness and the creation of a new more evolved way of being here on Earth. As part of both the personal and planetary ascension journey; it speaks intuitively, resonates deeply and is received by the unconscious mind into the depths of our being – creating opportunity for lasting, positive change.

Listening to a light language transmission, or receiving a light language blessing can help release blocked and stagnant energy – releasing tension, discordances, and distortions of perception. It can get into places which are otherwise difficult to reach, and it plants seeds of positive influence which will take root and grow.

It can also bring in new, more highly evolved data to initiate DNA activation, helping you recall dormant gifts and sacred treasures. It supports you to access and express these more magical parts of who you are naturally and without fear.

It opens telepathic, psychic and multidimensional channels and helps wire you neurologically to a more evolved multisensory guidance system. It facilitates upgrades to our sensory operating system, enabling us to see, sense and know truth more clearly.

As you tune in to a light language transmission you receive a sacred blessing on your personal path of awakening.  It can initiate and inspire deep and lasting healing, and change and transformations on all levels.  It supports your own innate inner wisdom to open further, empowering you to receive your own guidance more clearly, developing discernment and trust as you continue your journey of awakening, healing and transformational.


Light Codes are specific activation sequences, patterns of vibratory information and symbols delivered within light-streams that everyone can benefit from.  It is greatly advantageous to receive these into your multidimensional awareness and let them work their magic. They are potent seeds, ready to awaken, recoding cellular information and reminding you who you are and why you are here. These light codes are powerful, and support the collective evolution of humanity. They are a must have on the journey of awakening, cutting through distortion and bringing you home to truth.

For regular, powerful light-language transmissions check out our huge library of free resources.



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7 Responses to What is Light Language?

  1. Mike says:

    I’ve been following you now for 2months and try and listen to your upgrades and light language as often as I can. I have such a wonderful experience of feeling the energy rushing through my body and especially my brain 🤪 I love you Tracey. I can feel a little down but once I have listened I feel great again. I want to send you lots of love and blessings x❤️X

  2. Natalie says:

    Hi Tracy! 👋
    Ever since I saw you on Mark Attwood’s show and receiving your lovely light activations and since taking part in the Light/Portal Activation on 5th July I have started to channel some for of light language ✨ 😇🙏🏽💕
    I have no idea what I’m saying but I feel it’s definitely from my heart and I often go out into the garden and soak up the Sun’s rays 🌞 while saying and singing my language of light! I almost feel as if light language might be unique to each person’s ‘soul signature’ 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know if that’s correct but it came to me intuitively. Thank you so much for helping me to start this journey. ✨🙏🏽❤

  3. Pauline says:

    Thank you Tracy for the light-language/light codes explanation. It’s given me so much insight. I love your work and how you deliver it. You are a very special person Tracy. If I know nothing else, I definatley know that 💖✨🌟

  4. charlotte says:

    I love your work.I often listen to your mp3 if I wake up early or can’t sleep, I often fall back to sleep and have very vivid dreams . I have done light language in the forest and in the car, I don’t understand what I’m saying, but it’s the same tonality . I heard somebody on a podcast with similar words, maybe it’s the same soul family or star system .how can one find out ?

  5. Carol Yurur says:

    Hi Tracey and all,
    I keep wondering where do these amazing light language codes originate? How did it come to you? Was it suddenly all at once or gradually developing over time. Is there any way to “translate” these codes or would doing that be impossible in any earth language? Can just anyone receive this precious information?

    Thank you for sharing. Love, Carol

  6. Rasha says:

    Thank you Tracey for your open heart and willingness to share your gift with humanity!!!! I often listen to your meditations with my young children when we are falling asleep. My body gets a light bubbly feeling all over that usually lasts until the next day! I loved the light language medicine songs! I found it totally natural to sing along with you and to keep singing different variations after the songs were over. It’s amazing how effortless it comes out once your mind gets out of the way! Thanks again love! What a great way to help us connect with our galactic nature and the healing that can come from that!

  7. Bright point says:

    Your light language is like a balm to my soul. I had a headache the other day and listened to the light language lullaby, and it dissolved. Thank you for helping to connect me to my heart. I love you ❤️❤️❤️

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