New World Rising

The intense energetic roller coaster of transformation here on our beloved planet is taking everyone for a ride whether they like it or not. Earlier adopters on the path of awakening made their choice to embrace the inevitable changes and have by now become accustomed to intense waves, unpredictability, letting go and going with the flow.

For many others it may seem that there is no other choice now; resistance is futile. The great awakening is well and truly underway and everyone must get on board.

The greatest transformational shift is underway and there is no getting off this incredible ride. The choice we made is that as human beings we will awaken a new, more evolved state of consciousness here on Earth, and there is no going back.

We are currently working with an ever increasing level of intensity. Energetic pressure has built, creating both internal and external shifts and changes. Within the deconstruction of old familiar patterns we find ourselves compelled to re-evaluate who we are and how we live our lives.

Through such turbulence it can be hard to find a still point. Life can be challenging, chaotic and even overwhelming and unnerving at times. Change impacts every level of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We are being dismantled, as is our world and this undoubtedly impacts all areas of life.

As we experience the inevitable breakdown of old social, political, financial and environmental systems and we begin to ponder how we will reconcile systemic discord – we will indeed gain greater insight into how everything is interconnected and how important cohesive relationships are to our personal and ecological well-being.

The breakdown of these old, out-dated structures is not only essential so that change can be implemented throughout, but the supporting waves of energy purposefully leave no stone unturned in an elaborate and orchestrated process of complete transformation here on Earth.

We are not alone, we are being guided into position by these supporting waves of incoming energy. Establishing a new way of being in the world is no easy ride; it’s not only our personal journey we are experiencing, it’s a collective evolution of humanity.

With such rapid change occurring on a global level, our own personal transformation does feel more intense than ever before. We may feel constantly triggered, having to face ourselves, our old out-dated patterns of behaviour, attitudes, beliefs and distorted perceptions.

We could find ourselves uncovering layers of deeply held historic trauma, energetic blocks to our true power and ingrained societal and cultural conditioned responses which may otherwise hold us back.

Much of what we identified with before, what we may have held as true, could actually be keeping us separate from a much deeper truth.

Everything is magnified so that nothing is overlooked.

Triggers and surges of emotional intensity can throw us from one extreme state into another without even a pause for breath. It is no wonder that at this unprecedented time we can find it difficult to maintain peace, balance and flow.

We are being rebooted, to align with a more advanced, multisensory way of being. This new, more evolved state requires us to live in a more connected, intuitive way and experience a deeper relationship with ourselves, each other and our planet as a whole.

This heart-centred way of being requires us to heal the past by looking through a clearer lens and having greater compassion for self and others. This more interconnected and integrated way of being is the foundation of our New World Rising. We have no choice but to get on-board, ride the waves and discover the true light within.

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9 Responses to New World Rising

  1. Elise Roberts says:

    Thank you Tracy. Your words are inspiring and of great comfort, as I, like so many, ride this roller coaster to transformation. It is very challenging at times, and illuminating and wonderful at others.

    For so long I have felt I needed to hide this true, deep part of myself from most family and friends. I am now experiencing the expansiveness of being authentic and letting go of those parts of my life that don’t serve me anymore. The experience of the oneness of all is becoming a reality and the joy of knowing there are so many brothers and sisters travelling with me fills my heart.
    What a wonderful time to be here on earth!

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Elise,
      I absolutely hear you. And yes, indeed this really is a wonderful and exhilarating time to be on planet Earth.
      Stay Blessed

  2. Kyle says:

    Thankyou so much Tracy!! Your a gem! A light conduit for connecting the oneness humanity is. Your ability to tune into the energy, full of compassion and heart felt patience to transmute the old into oness. We are as humanity in heart felt wholeness and peace. The transmissions are truly a gift to humanity at this time. We are now gifted with the conduit and way to change to a much better wholeness of being, the living light language and beings we truly are. A much needed gift to the world! To feel and experience this gift and let go of all the old past no longer needed. Much blessings too you for being here at this time, to speed this process along to the inevitable outcome. This is a truly incredible joyous journey to be able to be a part of this wonderful journey to wholeness and feel the heart filled transmissions of change, gently guiding us to our loving harmonious oneness together, as humanity joyous creative inevitable outcome. Much blessings too all.

  3. TracyB says:

    I am finding that a lot of my barriers are coming down. For example, I have invested a lot of energy over the years avoiding confrontation. It makes me feel inadequate and anxious having to defend my point of view. My poor husband! Haha. I am being urged so strongly now to not do that anymore. Currently, I have an opportunity to actually bring up a “raw” discussion with him and see where it lands. Scary? Yes. But I want to acknowledge who I am and no longer hide. I want FULL relationships and that means stepping out of my comfort zone. Cuz, honestly, it’s not that comfortable!

    • billy says:

      Know that you face this challenge in good company with lots of support.

      The wheel may come of the first few times as actually standing up for yourself without sounding like you want a fight is an acquired skill born of practice. we want to stand up for ourselves in a way that offers a peaceful resolution where possible. And of course there’s only one way to gain that experience …it can be a bumpy ride …at least in my experience …However as I come come more and more to live in my truth, it shines on ahead of me and people seem to see it coming and adjust and both they and I unconsciously focus on the love and somehow body swerve the potential clashes which is rather joyous to be hold as you get a glimpse of how much they love and respect you in spite of a different outlook. ..stick with it and I wish you well ..It’s been a huge one for me but so worth feeling the fear and doing it anyway x

  4. Pamela says:

    Thank you, Tracy, for your words of wisdom and support. Lately I’ve been waking during the night with a nervous-feeling heart, even though my personal life is blessed in a billion ways. When this happens, I turn on one of your broadcasts or activations and can feel my heart relax. With this relaxation, I am able to drift back into a peaceful sleep.

  5. Pauline says:

    Just a simple thank you Tracy. You are a very special lady and I thank God you are here at this time 💖🌟✨xx

  6. Victoria Hamilton says:

    Your work has been fundamental for me to find a way to walk forward in the, what has become, maelstrom of this life. Within the last month or so, when I first came across your wonderful work, I am finding the transmissions digging deeper, uprooting more archaic structures and demanding a brighter honesty and integrity in the face of the old persona and way of living. Extremely challenging but oh so welcome, as there feels to be nothing as important as getting rid of the rusty circuitry and showing up. Showing up on every level. It also feels to me that your extraordinary Medicine Songs are incredibly potent and calling us to be the highest aspect of ourselves, however painful a walk that might be. You are giving and contributing so much, there must be a way I can contribute too?
    With profound love and gratitude.

  7. Leann says:

    This roller coaster ride has me flowing from Love, Peace and Rock and Roll to total insanity. Your perspective Tracy definitely speaks of what I am experiencing. I am ever so greatful! Namaste’

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