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Glastonbury 2021

Sacred Sovereignty Retreat
1st – 8th July 2021

Would you like to join us for an experiential journey into what it means to embody sacred sovereignty?

This 8 day retreat could be just the medicine you’re looking for.

This powerful ceremonial process will support you on your path of awakening.

As the structures of the old world crumble, and we collectively sift through the debris of what was – we must search for what we truly value, who we truly are and discover the sacred treasures and preserve them for the future of humanity.

Embodying these sacred treasures will forever enrich your life and prepare you for what’s to come as we move from an old paradigm to a new.

We can face the shadows and the light, and become enriched by crystal clear boundaries supported by universal law. You can cultivate powerful practices and align sincerely with the creative energies of the cosmos: nurturing, supporting, fuelling, guiding, liberating – bringing you home to the truth of who you are, and what you came here to do.

You will discover grounded, practical day-to-day ways to build resilience, restore balance; naturally bringing you into a place of authentic, purposeful living.

Why not come and be with others who resonate in a similar way, and together let’s support the process of awakening, remembering, exploring and experiencing a more sacred and embodied way of being.

There’s just so much to love about this beautiful get-together: Amazing ceremony on Glastonbury Tor, dance/sacred-movement, fire, spa, cacao, delicious food and so much more to nurture your beautiful-self.

For more information about this exciting event, then please go to our website for the full itinerary:


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Star Gate Activation

We had such an amazing ceremony at Stonehenge – and thank you to those of you who tuned in remotely across the globe.  If you didn’t do so at the time, then it’s still not too late.  The accompanying broadcast will take you there and you can enjoy the transmission of this unprecedented Star Gate Activation.

Stonehenge Star Gate no words30 Ground Crew came to take part in this event and if you were one of them then thank you again for your open-heart and willingness to act as an anchor at this special time.

We had the added bonus of a couple of crop circles appearing in the area, one right by Stonehenge and the other just outside Avebury.  The one near to Stonehenge was so beautiful, and the energy felt so peaceful, like coming Home – we didn’t want to leave.

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Earth’s True Heart Activation

Ascension Success

The summer solstice weekend marked an important point for us as we brought together a special group of people for the 3rd and final activation of the Earth’s true heart energy centre/portal.

The Ascension Weekend Photo

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Soul Mate Calling

Ready For True Love?

New Life Upgrade broadcast starting February 14th.

This broadcast is available from anywhere in the world, via internet or phone.

If Valentine’s day does not deliver, then this 4 week broadcast could be just what you need.

This 4 week series is jam-packed with insights, practical exercises, tips and tricks to open your heart to love.

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Awaken Your Potential

Absolutely Loving It!

The Kick Start 2012 series is a resounding success.  The feedback we have received so far, from people all over the world has been phenomenal.  Thank you everyone. 

Wednesday’s penultimate broadcast continued to awaken, uplift and inspire.  There is plenty to get your teeth into with this series.  This year, more than ever before, you will notice that what focus on grows, and so fertilise your dreams with the best cosmic compost!

If you haven’t joined in the live event, the recordings are available and are super-potent.

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Kick Start 2012

Awaken Your  Potential
6 Week Special Broadcast

Bringing you all the guided support needed, to make 2012 the most amazing year of your life so far.  With powerful insights, activations, meditations and much to inspire.

Get 2012 off to a great start – be part of this powerful 6 week Life Upgrade Broadcast – not to be missed.
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Interview on The Magic of Being

I was fortunate recently to be interviewed by a lovely chap, Colin Whitby, from The Magic of Being.

Colin was keen to talk to me about the new ‘Who Are You?’ home study course. Continue reading

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The Expanded

We had such a great Expanded course in July.

Expanded Photo

The unique energy transmission of this event got everyone buzzing.

It was such a privilege to spend time with these amazing people.  The added pleasure of delicious Nurton’s cuisine, and the gardens in full bloom, made the weekend especially memorable for everyone.

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Who Are You?

The new home study course is proving to be a great success.  Thanks to everyone for your positive feedback
– I am pleased you’re enjoying it and getting a lot from it.

If you’d like to take advantage of this great opportunity for personal development, then get on board now. Continue reading

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Who Are You? – Discover Your Authentic Self

My new home study course is now available.  This much anticipated, superb value package will take you on a transformational journey into the real You of You.  This book and its supporting audio presentations are a step by step guide to creating the life of your dreams.

Image: Who Are You? book & CDs

People are often blocked from true success, health and happiness, their life is compromised in some way; perhaps by their past, their upbringing, their conditioning – perhaps they are dancing to someone else’s tune, rather than living a truly authentic existence. Continue reading

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