2013 – Washed up on the shore?

When we entered into 2012, you may remember that I said how fast the year would fly by, and that it was best not to make too many plans – the focus instead could then be on embracing the opportunities presented, and following intuitive guidance. You may have struggled to let go completely, and trust yourself fully – and the year may have gone by so fast that you hardly had time to think. The energies of 2012 were exceptional in many ways. If you are reading this then you should give yourself a round of applause, or take a moment for self-gratitude, or offer up a little happy dance in celebration of your accomplishment, as you have made it through – congratulations.

You can relax now, the roller-coaster ride is over for a while and it is time to gently assimilate the changes. As you settle into this New Year, deeper layers of You will be revealed and a natural shedding of what is no longer coherent will occur.

There will be greater acceptance of what is, and further insight into who you are. This year will be quite different, starting slowly and revealing a great deal to those who attune to its rhythm and flow.

We are the Ocean2012 was an amazing year in so many ways. As people’s personal journeys continue to unfold, true power emerges and a new world is created collectively. People have been individually challenged, perhaps more than ever before. There has been a deep intuitive connection to a shared vision that has been bubbling up within consciousness. As people start to think in a new way, and release those limiting perceptions, they start to draw wisdom from the crystal clear waters of our forever unifying Source.

The transformational waters of 2012 have undoubtedly moved us. Some people feel they have been white-water rafting, whilst others have clung to the rocks. Some have dipped their toe in the shallows, and others have taken the plunge, diving deep, risking all and venturing further than ever before. Even those who usually love the changing tides and hidden depths have had moments wondering whether they would ever come up for air. As a New Year starts many people feel that 2012’s energies left them washed up the shore, or adrift somehow. It is now time to dry off, and rest in the Light for while until the next wave comes.

The turbulent waters are now calming, though the deepening, flooding, and cleansing will continue on many levels for most. The ‘waters’, or consciousness of humanity’s collective mind, are transforming the planet, and the gateway for this awakening is now open. The flood gates that can bring in the new, crystal clear waters are now aligned and operational.

How you swim with the new energies in 2013, is of course up to you. Only you can be accountable for what you do. It is not possible to resist what will inevitably flow. It is however suggested that you learn to trust and let go.

In time all will be revealed; everything transparent clarified and healed. Truth will be seen, though may not always be easy to accept. Revealing the truth, often means first having to forgive.

For now, just breath.  The new energies are gently working with you and there is nothing you need do.  Surrender into the moment – this is a time to take stock.

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  1. típo says:

    Have really been enjoying the broadcasts since discovering this vibe on the Juicy Living Tour interviews.. I’ve also had some very difficult issues w transparency and connecting w cmmty. I really look fwd to breaking thru frm much old paradigm baggage, and finding my voice! In the mean, much love to all, have fun!

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