Time to Stretch …

Spring is so incredibly slow here in the UK. The promise of colour, fragrance, beauty all around and yet we wait in wonder for her full splendour  to emerge. When the sunshine’s we feel so blessed, so ready are we to stretch out to the Light after such a long winter.

The land offers a glimpse, shyly at first.
Is she teasing, provocatively? 
Or is she vulnerable and unsure of herself?

Like us, springtime awakens cautiously in this post 2012 time.
How will her true magnificence be received?

Does she know she will be honoured, respected, cared for and loved?

Are we ready to offer her a promise in return for what she provides so freely and generously?

Will humanity come together and affirm that a new, more conscious chapter is emerging and promise to protect her; to love honour and respect her as she tenderly offers herself in support of our evolution.  Seed emerging

A new feminine energy is gently emerging. It is outwardly slow to be seen at first, in the same way that a seed can spend a long time in the soil waiting for the environment to be just right before it stirs. Be assured that a great deal is occurring under the surface right now – the landscape is changing, and so are we.  

This Thursday’s powerful Full Moon will support you to stretch that bit further. The energies will call you to gently emerge from the darkness of the deeper journey you’ve been experiencing and start to sense the fresh new shoots of your creative endeavours. It’s time to observe the Light and how it makes you feel. It’s the moment to let go, to surrender and to trust that you will be supported completely.

You are about to experience a growth spurt; cracking the shell of limitation as you break through another layer. This is the power of this Thursday’s ‘Seed moon’ – you have no choice but to open your heart to the potential within you. The creative energy of this time is magical beyond measure. Utilise this auspicious moment; stand in the Light of your own true magnificence and be One with All.

If you would like to join us in Light this Full Moon, for a global online broadcast then you will experience a meditation journey that brings you into alignment with the powerful earth energies at this time – helping further ground your Starseed self.

I will be in Avebury with a small group of women opening a gateway there. This special  broadcast will attune you to be part of the gateway ceremony, no matter where you are in the world. The broadcast is now available, and so you can tune in and listen whenever you wish to.


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8 Responses to Time to Stretch …

  1. Sarah says:

    Amazing Tracy exactly how I feel right now, bless the earth and bless us all we are all going through this change and it’s time we stept into the light from our hearts and to know that those who love and care for us will love us for shining our sparkling lovely light 🙂 this resonated with me so deeply. Thank you so grateful for this blog x will be so happy when I join you in Avebury, will be weaving the light to all xxx lots of love light and shunshine Sarah xxx

  2. Julia says:

    beautiful, thanks Tracy! Love Julia

  3. Liz says:

    That was heart felt and beautiful Tracy, thank you. I look forward to joining you all on Thursday… Love Liz

  4. Becky Stanley says:

    Beautiful reminder of the invitation of life. bless, Love

  5. Petra Brandenburg says:

    Although I decided not to show up in person, I will most certainly “tune in” and connect my home place to this wounderful endeavour. Love and blessings for you and your group of wise women!

  6. Sirpa says:

    So very beautiful and heartfelt words. Thank you Tracy will join you via your activation on Thursday. Enjoy Avebury xxx

  7. Liz says:

    Hi Tracy, beautiful words, would love to join live broadcast but cannot find the link. Help please x

  8. Becky Stanley says:

    Its happening ! !!! 🙂

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