Spring clean with supergreens

If you have ever looked at a bright green drink and thought, yuk, then I would like to set you a spring clean, supergreen challenge.  If you have ever looked at a bright green drink and thought “that looks yummy and full of goodness”, but have never let one pass your lips then you too can take the challenge and let me know how you get on.

Green smoothieAll you need is a blender, the thing that goes zuizzz.
Take some pineapple (tinned organic is fine if you can’t get fresh and ripe)
A handful or two of organic spinach
(you can increase the amount over time, to your acquired taste)
Add enough water to get it to blend, and to your taste.
And zuizz in the blender until scrummy with no bits – this will depend on how good your blender is.
Pour into your finest glass, and enjoy through a straw, with optional umbrella.
Delicious and sweet!

Energy drinks like this are so easy to make and are so good for you.  As well as detoxing your system they will fill you with energy – believe me you will love this little baby.

For a variation use mango instead of pineapple or lambs lettuce instead of spinach.

Avoid mixing too many different colours together.  As with painting, if you mix your pallet too much you end up with brown sludge.  So leave the strawberries out of this one.  You can have those blended with bananas and other berries for a pink or purple berry delight – yum.

With this little beauty you will not only easily be getting your 5 a day, you will be slim, youthful and energised if you incorporate them as part of your healthy lifestyle.  Who says looking good and feeling great is hard work – take the challenge and feel a spring clean inside and out, as well as a spring in your step.

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