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Star Gate Activation

We had such an amazing ceremony at Stonehenge – and thank you to those of you who tuned in remotely across the globe.  If you didn’t do so at the time, then it’s still not too late.  The accompanying broadcast will take you there and you can enjoy the transmission of this unprecedented Star Gate Activation.

Stonehenge Star Gate no words30 Ground Crew came to take part in this event and if you were one of them then thank you again for your open-heart and willingness to act as an anchor at this special time.

We had the added bonus of a couple of crop circles appearing in the area, one right by Stonehenge and the other just outside Avebury.  The one near to Stonehenge was so beautiful, and the energy felt so peaceful, like coming Home – we didn’t want to leave.

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Feel Like You’re Going Backwards?

The ebb and flow of life can sometimes leave you feeling neither here nor there. The  desire to move forward in a more positive way brings with it the responsibility of having to make certain changes.  Though change is necessary and in some ways inevitable, it can feel challenging. You may feel as though you are taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Rather than seeing this in a negative way, and fearing that you are falling back into old habits, patterns and dramas, you can actually shift your perception and use this as the jet propulsion required to launch yourself forward successfully.

Blue surrenderLike a human catapult, you feel the pull backwards – it can feel stressful, tense and you may believe you are going in the wrong direction.  But a catapult must be pulled back, if it is to be launched forward successfully. The power of the launch is in the increased pressure that comes from drawing it back fully.

Keep your focus.
What is your target/goal?
Do you have it clearly in your sight?

Feel the backwards pull and trust that a great momentum is building, ready to propel you forward with great gusto – focus your aim, let go and trust.

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Changing Tides

So how does it feel to be embracing change at last?

This is such a powerful time of deep receptivity; open the heart, breathe and receive.You are a vessel into which Light can be poured, and through which greatness can flow – when you allow.

Be happy in the knowledge that nothing is stagnant any more. The still ponds have been stirred awakening ancient sediment. The tides of every ocean turn in their own perfect time guided by the moon; they do this regardless of how you feel about change, or if indeed you feel ready.

Full moon 2How wet you get may no longer be a choice as a great cleansing rain is needed for humanity, regardless of whether it suits your personal needs on any particular day. 

Trust that no ocean is too deep, no storm more powerful than you, and no magnitude of water too great. These waters represent the emerging You of You and all its potential. Surrendering to the flow will enable you to truly receive and embody the transformational wisdom and energies of this time.  

Though we all experience the ‘changing tides’ differently, what is for certain is that water itself is miraculous, essential for life and reflects everything in its environment. Continue reading

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Drop Deep into the Ocean

Feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed? – then you are not alone.

If you doubt yourself, or are unable to get motivated to take action, or you feel as though nothing makes sense and you fear you’re losing the plot – then well done, you are intuitively aligned with the energies of this present, but thankfully transient moment.

There is no real clarity in this moment, though there are great depths to immerse yourself in. The deep waters are calling, and it is time to let go into the ocean and relax entirely in the ebb and flow. Within the waters there are adventures to be had, stories to be told and an opportunity to dream big and use this metaphorical ocean as a story board to project your future wishes upon.

waveThis is a time for deep inner reflection, an opportunity to allow the bigger picture to be glimpsed – and even if you ‘see’ nothing, you have to trust that something wonderful is gently awakening within you.

The heart aches to know truth, and yet the mind’s constructs are often interwoven with fakery, falsehood and misperception. As the sometimes suspicious, judging and doubting mind reacquaints itself with the integrity of the all loving heart, then many important internal conversations will take place. This inner dialogue can feel uncomfortable, conflict can be perceived externally as well as internally.

Each conversation, conscious or unconscious begs an important question, challenging previously held beliefs, rocking the foundations of what you thought you knew.  Each question needs an honest answer, though the question remains the same each time:
Is what I believe really true? Continue reading

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Ascension Check List

World is Awakening40 ideas to keep you focused.  This check list can help give you an idea of your progress as you move through the inevitable awakening.  Tick the ones you have already mastered, and set the intention to make the other shifts you require as easily and naturally as possible.

Each one can provide plenty of food for thought, and you can come back to it time and time again and see what further integrations have occurred and what you’d still like to achieve. Continue reading

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All Is Perfect

AutumnAs the new energies settle, and you begin to integrate the changes more deeply, a gentle awakening occurs. The ascension process takes time; it is a step by step evolution of consciousness. There is no need to rush. Take everything at your own perfect pace. Your personal journey is unique. Gently, bit by bit, you will let go of everything you are not, and become all that you truly are.

There will be many adjustments along the way, subtle changes in perception as well as challenges faced and deeply buried grief released. Much of our collective history is being purged and those who are sensitive to energies can often feel overwhelmed. The trick is to focus on where you are going, whilst being present to what Is. The inevitable collapse of the old world is occurring, and learning to adapt, observe and let go is key. Continue reading

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The Time is Now!

Over the next few days the energy will be building, supporting you to release that which you no longer need.

A reshaping is occurring at all levels, a gentle metamorphosis which cannot be denied.  Trying to resist, deny, or escape these inevitable changes will result in the feeling of struggle, and overwhelm.  You are not being asked to struggle, or to feel overwhelmed, you are instead being asked to release yourself into peace.

As this change occurs you may wonder what’s going on, and you could feel as if you are losing all sense of yourself, or losing sense of your place in the world – this is a transient feeling and will pass.

Who you are, and why you are here will become clearer as the New World emerges.  Though for now, uncertainty is a guiding force at this most transformative point in human history.  Everything is in question, as doubt seems to reign supreme – and yet as the storms of change whip the world into perceived chaos, you can find a place of stillness, and peace within. Continue reading

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Gradual Steps

The process of evolution takes incremental steps.  Bit by bit, moment by moment, opportunities are presented where you have a choice.  You can choose to take a backward step, or to stay where you are.  Though if you choose to move forward into further authenticity, taking up your personal power, the Universe will undoubtedly support you.

Each step you take is a clear message of intention.
Are you shrinking back, hiding away?
Or are you frozen in fear, unsure of what to do next, or where to turn?
Or do you have the courage and conviction to risk it all for what is true to you, and follow your heart’s wisdom? Continue reading

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True Power

Feeling overwhelmed, challenged, or struggling to shake off the past?

The recent activations and energy transmissions are supporting you to let go of those old feelings of not being worthy, not being good enough, not belonging.

As you open more to your potential, light and true awesome power, these opposing energies inevitably surface, to be acknowledged and released.

As a part of the awakening process, you may be experiencing a lot of self-doubt right now, and even feeling paranoid about what others think of you, or what’s possible for you. Perhaps you are judging yourself more harshly, and fearing that others judge you too. There is often a self sabotaging inner dialogue that says: “Who are you to think you can be amazing, great, loved, happy, successful?”

It can feel challenging to override this negativity, and for a while you may experience it dragging you down into that old place of self-abandonment – where just for a moment you feel like giving up. This momentary lapse can be a great reminder of where you don’t want to be, and affirms beautifully how far you have already come. Continue reading

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