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Attune to the New Frequency

Here is a huge library of Free broadcasts to uplift, inspire and guide you on your journey of awakening. You can tune in live to these global events, or catch the replays later. Replays can be just as potent as live events – access them anytime.

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Each contains important insights for raising both personal and planetary awareness. Enjoy guided journeys as you gift yourself the space and time for deep inner reflection, relaxation and beneficial reprogramming. All this helps integrate new awareness and awaken potential.

Each broadcast contains powerful activation sequences brought to you through Life Upgrade's unique energy transmission.

Experience deeper and further benefits from listening repeatedly. Just tune in, relax, close your eyes and enjoy your transformational journey.

Broadcasts should not be listened to whilst driving, or engaged in other activities as they are deeply powerful and may cause drowsiness, or induce sleep.

Power to Rise
11th April 2021

Life Upgrade BroadcastPower to Rise

What blocks your power to rise?

Through this newly activated gateway we invite you to enter a very deep karmic pool and swim through layers of ancestral memory, recoding and awakening.

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Spring Equinox Ceremony

Life Upgrade BroadcastSpring Equinox Ceremony

Join us for a Spring Equinox ceremony/meditation.

Tune in either with eyes closed, or as a waking/walking outdoor meditation - or try both. You can even add your own music at the end to stretch and dance with these new emerging energies.

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Enter the New

Life Upgrade BroadcastEnter the New

Upgrades of energetic information are here to support the evolution of human consciousness. This high-frequency coded information is new, it has not entered the consciousness of the planet before and can take time to integrate fully.

Receive regular transmissions into your energetic body. Let it filter through, enriching your life as you Enter the New.

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Imbolc Ceremony

Life Upgrade BroadcastImbolc Ceremony

Join us for an Imbolc ceremony/meditation. Let's celebrate that a deep stirring is occurring and new energies are emerging; the creation of a new cycle of life is now underway.

Breathe the energy of new beginnings into your life now.

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Winter Solstice Ceremony

Life Upgrade BroadcastWinter Solstice Ceremony

A two part online Winter Solstice ceremony; connecting hearts together as One, and weaving light across the planet through a magical inner journey.

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Calling all the Witches

Life Upgrade BroadcastCalling all the Witches

A powerful and transformational online Sacred Ceremony (approx 2 hours).

Move your body through meditation, music and breath. Release yourself from issues of powerlessness, historic trauma, persecution, curses, spells, enchantments. Reclaim your true innate wisdom and power.

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Awakening Power

Life Upgrade BroadcastAwakening Power

There is nothing that you cannot achieve as the creative power of the cosmos is available to you, here and now.

The power you have is increasing, it is increasing every day. But how will you embody this richness, the higher qualities being offered?

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Journey into Power

Life Upgrade BroadcastJourney into Power

We are humble servants to a guiding force, much greater in power and potential than anything we can easily imagine. Humble servants of a great intelligence which supports all life here on our beloved planet.

Align and be part of a great awakening.

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Golden Gateway Initiation

Life Upgrade BroadcastGolden Gateway Initiation

As the coded light transmission continues to pour into our beloved planet at this transformational time, we are called together to open our hearts and receive the initiation of the Golden Heart.

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Transmissions for a
New Earth (parts 1-6)

Life Upgrade BroadcastTransmissions for a New Earth (parts 1-6)

Weekly transmissions to guide and support the transition to a New Earth.

Tune in for Ancestral Re-patterning, Grid-work, Collective Re-coding, Karmic Release, Parts Integration, Light Language transmission, Energetic Upgrades, Activations and more.

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Global Meditation
— Hands of Grace Unite

Life Upgrade BroadcastGlobal Meditation — Hands of Grace Unite

The network of light is growing stronger each day, and you are called to take your place. There has been a recent increase in available energy and the latest activations are now available for you to receive.

Let's join together, plug into the power grid of grace in action and get all the latest upgrades. This will be potent and transformational.

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Global Meditation
— Healing Earth

Life Upgrade BroadcastGlobal Meditation — Healing Earth

This is a powerful time in the history of humanity and much of the lost power of the wisdom keepers and healers is now to be returned.

This transmission will encourage a deeper connection to yourself, to the healer within, and to the power you have to help heal our collective relationship with our planet and beyond.

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Global Meditation
— Grace in Action

Life Upgrade BroadcastGlobal Meditation — Grace in Action

Together we are stronger. Through this meditation process you will be guided to the very heart of you. It is from this newly activated, awakening space that you can become a channel for the light and serve as grace in action.

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Global Meditation
— Network of Light

Life Upgrade BroadcastGlobal Meditation — Network of Light

This meditation will help you to deeply relax and give reassurance on a cellular level – boosting immunity and injecting positivity.

You will be invited to be a powerful witness in helping to ground vital light-energy, for healing and transformation.

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The Power of Grace

Life Upgrade BroadcastThe Power of Grace

Our human experience is not to suffer, it is to see where suffering is and to allow grace to flow into that place. Our journey should not be one of fear, our opportunity is to see fear in ourselves and others and to allow grace to flood in and dissolve that fear.

Grace is the power we need right now, it is the greatest power we have.

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The Power of Knowing

Life Upgrade BroadcastThe Power of Knowing

Tune in to a Language of Light activation of your Inner Knowing.

The power to see, sense and know truth will become increasingly valuable through these challenging times of conscious evolution. Learn to trust your intuition and know that you and others are purposefully connected through our shared humanity.

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The Power of Truth

Life Upgrade BroadcastThe Power of Truth

Tune in for this potent Language of Light activation.

The power of a New Earth is awakening. This brings with it many new possibilities; many new ways in which we can operate as beings of a more multidimensional nature. The truth is that we cannot awaken until we know who we are and where we have come from.

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Opal Light Codes

Life Upgrade BroadcastOpal Light Codes

The grids of power are now fully active, and working with them consciously is the task in hand.

Learn to access the highest possible octave of resonance, the greatest grids of power and the highest frequency of intuitive guidance. It is by accessing this that we will rise. The Opal Light Codes activation is here to support this.

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Ruby Light Codes

Life Upgrade BroadcastRuby Light Codes

The powerful light of the ascension process is guiding a new awakened world into reality. Energetic support and frequency upgrades will help you ride this transformational tidal wave of change.

New energies are ready to flood our collective consciousness and guide us through these challenging and changing times. Open your heart and mind and receive the messages encoded with the light.

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Sapphire Light Codes

Life Upgrade BroadcastSapphire Light Codes

Are you ready for the Sapphire Light Codes Activation?

Powerful energies are coming to our planet each and every day now – supporting us, and lifting us up through challenging times here on Earth.

These energies are purposeful; they are the light codes of ascension and whilst it may take time to see their transformational power in clear and obvious ways, have no doubt that change is happening.

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Emerald Light Codes

Life Upgrade BroadcastEmerald Light Codes

Are you ready for the Emerald Light Codes Activation?

Powerful energies are coming to our planet each and every day now – supporting us, and lifting us up through challenging times here on Earth.

These energies are purposeful; they are the light codes of ascension and whilst it may take time to see their transformational power in clear and obvious ways, have no doubt that change is happening.

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Diamond Light Codes

Life Upgrade BroadcastDiamond Light Codes

Ready for the new energies?

The potentially gruelling wave of processing the past shadows is coming to an end, and here is an opportunity to fast track into the next wave.

As you receive various light-code activations you will start to naturally embody the wisdom of your greater guiding intelligence and feel more grounded in your sacred work.

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Keys to Acceptance

Life Upgrade BroadcastKeys to Acceptance

Have you been lied to? Perhaps you lie to yourself?

This tangled web of both personal and collective illusion and betrayal separates us from Truth, causing much stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

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Flames of Transformation

Life Upgrade BroadcastFlames of Transformation

Take a journey into self-empowerment – where you can become more conscious of who you are, and how you are intricately connected to all life.

As we let the flames of transformation burn through the illusions, we meet each other afresh as unique and intricately complex individuals who in their hearts share one common goal.

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Your Rising Power

Life Upgrade BroadcastYour Rising Power

Enter the gateway of a New Earth emerging; a powerful place in which truth can be known and greater insight can be discovered.

Get all the latest upgrades, energetic activations and integrations to support your inevitable awakening.

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The Truth Within

Life Upgrade BroadcastThe Truth Within

The time has come to re-evaluate what it means to be You, and to come into alignment with a true inner calling.

But what will it take? And can you let go of the limitations you hold and step forward into this next exciting phase with conviction? Is it time to access the Truth Within?

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Your New-Earth Grid Activation

Life Upgrade BroadcastYour New-Earth Grid Activation

You will receive specific coded information unique to you, as you soak in the light-energy transmission at this transformational time. This newly opened Gateway supports the shift into a more grounded way of being, releasing the old, stagnant, degenerative information (particularly that of the physical vessel) - making way for a new regenerative process to begin.

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Time for Integration

Life Upgrade BroadcastTime for Integration

Relax, breathe and receive all the coded information required to support you on your transformational journey.

This Gateway is powerful, and so hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride. This integration process will give you a deeper sense of purpose, fill you with peace and guide you gently into the next phase.

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Enter New Earth

Life Upgrade BroadcastEnter New Earth

Let's dig a little deeper into the opportunities offered and see what becomes possible as we learn to trust our creative abilities and recall why we came to Earth at this time.

The Awakening process calls us to become conscious creators, aligning with a shared vision for humanity - where a New Earth is birthed through each of us.

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17.11.17 Coded Information

Life Upgrade Broadcast17.11.17 Coded Information

Receive the latest energetic Upgrades for your Awakening journey. This 20 min broadcast will leave you soaking up a transmission of coded information that will support you to align with the latest Gateway activation.

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Unlocking the Grid

Life Upgrade BroadcastUnlocking the Grid

Get ready for this next wave of energy as it is going to be a big one!

The time has come to align with a New Grid and allow the information of this network of Light to support our human evolution. Tune in and receive all the latest insights, activations and Upgrades. This powerful and transformational time will assist you as you drop ever more deeply into the truth of who you are, and your purpose here at this time.

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Purposeful Awakening

Life Upgrade BroadcastPurposeful Awakening

Super-human potential is awakening, and it is this intelligence that will anchor all the solutions and technologies required to support us to live in unity with each other, and harmoniously with our beloved planet.

As we become conscious of our potential to live as a unified whole and we create the space for this to happen, so we will see a new heart-centred way of Being rise up and inspire positive change.

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Ultimate Upgrade

Life Upgrade BroadcastUltimate Upgrade

The stories held within the physical body, and those held within the physical structures of our world are one and the same. As the body shifts, then so does the land – and vice versa.

We are re-coding the structure of our human body, in alignment with a restructuring of our physical world.  The important thing to remember is that you are not separate from anything, but One with All.

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Sacred Waters of New Earth

Life Upgrade BroadcastSacred Waters of New Earth

Tune in and rest deeply, whilst this powerful transmission washes over you.

Nothing else you need to do, nowhere else you need to be - just an opportunity to Upgrade your awareness and set yourself free.

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Stonehenge Star Gate Activation

Life Upgrade BroadcastStonehenge Star Gate Activation

Come join us for this special broadcast and be part of the Star Gate activation at Stonehenge.

You are called to help hold the space through this beautiful heart-centred transmission. You will receive guidance, insights and Upgrades to help you get into alignment as we activate this sacred stone site with the energy of New Earth.

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Enter the Goddess Temple

Life Upgrade BroadcastEnter the Goddess Temple

This is one of the most potent transmissions at this time of awakening.

Drop deep into the ocean of Light and feel the codes for transformation being re-written as the stories of ancient times are held in the Light of Truth.

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The Codes for Karmic Resolution

Life Upgrade BroadcastThe Codes for Karmic Resolution

This is a very important broadcast, transmitting the necessary Codes for Karmic Resolution.

This means that if you are still struggling to let go, and are finding things very intense particularly in relation to others then you may require this specific activation to finally set yourself free.

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A Time to Reflect

Life Upgrade BroadcastA Time to Reflect

The first Full Moon of 2016 provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect and to be guided by your own inner wisdom; to awaken further and get yourself clear about your plans, goals, aims, and ambitions.

A powerful guided meditation, and whatever personal upgrades you require will be offered into this space.

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Return of the Light

Life Upgrade BroadcastReturn of the Light

A very special event - calling you to take your place at this most auspicious and festive time. There will be no replay for this broadcast - so make sure you register and put the date in your diary now - you won't want to miss it!

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Crystalline Restructuring

Life Upgrade BroadcastCrystalline Restructuring

The Crystalline Restructuring broadcast will offer you a peaceful space into which you can let go and relax and, if ready at this time, YOU will receive a specific and unique activation that will provide you with the energetic frequency and relevant information to begin the crystalline restructuring process.

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The Re-coding

Life Upgrade BroadcastThe Re-coding

Deep in the heart of All awakens the power of pure transformation - and this point marks the tide as it turns. A real celebration of authentic presence at a time of uncertainty and doubt. A true, purposeful and enlightened wisdom is waiting to support you at this Gateway. There are no restrictions that you cannot overcome, and there really is no going back.

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Living in the Light

Life Upgrade BroadcastLiving in the Light

After a long incubation period, it's now time to move from the shadows and into the Light. This beautifully relaxing transmission will guide you to a place of greater, inner wisdom where you can trust and allow your life to unfold in perfect alignment with All.

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Frequency Upgrade

Life Upgrade BroadcastFrequency Upgrade

A gentle but powerful journey to help you move beyond those more rigid and deep-seated patterns – and on into a brighter, lighter future. The power is in this moment now, and the wisdom of how to do so is already within you. It is time to tap into this guiding light and allow transformation to take place on all levels.

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Anchoring the LIGHT

Life Upgrade BroadcastAnchoring the LIGHT

A fast track activation sequence to support you to Anchor the Light. All you have to do is tune-in, relax and soak up the vibes. Everyone welcome.

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Incubation Time

Life Upgrade BroadcastIncubation Time

Get ready for The Deepening; as we prepare to take the new frequency of Light into the shadowy darkness of this powerful incubation period.

A new level of guidance is coming through to support you; but first you must percolate, as you gestate the truth of who you are.

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Cleansing Tide

Life Upgrade BroadcastCleansing Tide

Let's join together and reach deep into the Light of pure transformation. This special event will help guide and support you as you take back the power of your unique Star-self, and elevate your consciousness to a whole new level.

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Just Breathe

Life Upgrade BroadcastJust Breathe

A great opportunity to come together and soak up the energy of this powerful time. This 30minute broadcast will help support your journey of personal transformation, whilst anchoring your Light for planetary change. A key point in awakening consciousness is upon us, you are called to take your place and Just Breathe.

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Sunday 30min Reboot

Life Upgrade BroadcastSunday 30min Reboot

A chance to reboot your system by tuning in and letting go into the Light of transformation. This 30 minute transmission is part of a Grid Activation. Come and take your place, and receive exactly what you need from your own inner wisdom and guiding Light. An Upgrade is guarantee as you take time to relax and soak up these special vibes.

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Assimilation Time

Life Upgrade BroadcastAssimilation Time

A special Full Moon Broadcast to help you assimilate all that is offered at this powerful time of personal and global transformation.

Let's join together as One - weaving a network of Light across the Earth and out to the stars - in celebration of unity, peace and love.

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Calling You

Life Upgrade BroadcastCalling You

This Sunday's special broadcast will offer you the unique opportunity to take your place in Light, for the opening of the next important gateway.

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Sistar Space - Full Moon

Life Upgrade BroadcastSistar Space - Full Moon

Global gathering of Light weavers. Join from anywhere in the world. Come together for this powerful Full Moon ceremony.

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Reconciliation Day

Life Upgrade BroadcastReconciliation Day

A special space is held for deep reflection, release and reconciliation.

The heart knows no limits, and is able to forgive all. At this particular time in human history resolving inner conflict is the key to both personal and global transformation. Coming together as One and releasing the past prejudices, judgements and fears that otherwise create separation is essential.

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Enter the StarGate

Life Upgrade BroadcastEnter the StarGate

You are invited to take your place at this very auspicious time.

Tune in and be guided through a unique and powerful activation sequence to align with this transformational StarGate.

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Heart Activation

Life Upgrade BroadcastHeart Activation

A new heart frequency is available; supporting you to live the life your authentic self dreams of.

Are you ready to open your heart and remember the truth of who you are?
Do you feel the need to change, but sense resistance?
Would you like to be guided by your all knowing, intuitive heart's wisdom - at a pace that's right for you?

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Si'star Space

Life Upgrade BroadcastSi'star Space

Calling all Si'stars: this super-empowering, female embracing, goddess anchoring, intuitively guided, wise, wonderful woman broadcast is just for You!

2013 is a time to awaken true feminine power, and re-align with the great cosmic Mother, ground the new energies and attune further to your innate intuitive wisdom.

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Life Upgrade BroadcastOneness

This Life Upgrade Broadcast will be guided, heart-centered, and attuned to the new Earth frequency, providing the perfect opportunity to dedicate time and space to further personal and global transformation.

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Healing Birth

Life Upgrade BroadcastHealing Birth

This 'Guardians of the Children of the Light' broadcast will be focusing its energy on changing the current birth paradigm by holding a loving healing space where fear, anger and past memories can be released, and a deep empowering re-connect can be experienced.

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Re-bEarth Gateway Activation

Life Upgrade BroadcastRe-bEarth Gateway Activation

A very special event, connecting you energetically with others around the globe – harnessing the power of this auspicious time, opening a gateway for the transformation of consciousness and the birth of a new Earth.

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Time to Let Go?

Life Upgrade BroadcastTime to Let Go?

Are you ready to break free from limiting patterns and re-program yourself for peace happiness and fulfilment?

With insights, meditations & activations to get you to the very heart of All.

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Star Children

Life Upgrade BroadcastStar Children

If you are interested in the developmental needs of Star Children, and wish to support them here on Earth, then you are invited to attend an important global online meeting.

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Ascension Steps

Life Upgrade BroadcastAscension Steps

A great opportunity to hear Tracy talk about the Ascension, and also to receive specific guidance and attune to the unique energy transmission supporting this process.

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Venus Transit Portal Activation

Life Upgrade BroadcastVenus Transit Portal Activation

This one off opportunity invites you to take your place as a portal is opened and consciousness shifts to a whole new, exciting level. You will receive specific, coded information as part of a unique energy transmission and activation sequence. This will support you to release the past paradigm of fear and separation, and move gently into the new paradigm of Oneness, Love and Unity.

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2012 Activation

Life Upgrade Broadcast2012 Activation

After closing the door on 2011, it is time to join together and open our hearts, and minds to the immense opportunity 2012 presents.

This powerful meditation will invite you to set your intentions, release any blocks and come fully into alignment with the You, you came here to be. The connections you make to others have never been more important. Heart centred presence means living authentically, manifesting your dreams, moving beyond fear and judgement and being part of something magnificent. Oneness is everything.

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Oneness Activation

Life Upgrade BroadcastOneness Activation

Be part of this powerful meditation.
Be part of the great shift occurring.
Be of service to the world.
Be all you came here to Be.

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11-11-11 Activation

Life Upgrade Broadcast11-11-11 Activation

Experience this powerful energy transmission and receive your personal activation sequence.

Wherever you are in the world at this time, join us as we access the energies which support you to Be who you came here to be and live through Divine Love.

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