What is a Beditation?

Make life easier by going to bed!

Our Beditations have been popular with people across the globe for over a decade.

But why?

What's so special about a Beditation and why do people love them so much?

People like them because they ask nothing of you other than for you to go to  bed, tune in and relax. These transformational audio offerings, which are also sometimes referred to as broadcasts, transmissions, activations and upgrades, can bring deep and lasting release, peace and transformation whilst you sleep.

You don't have to try and stay awake whilst listening, in fact most people fall asleep – that's why they're called beditations rather than meditations. You can give yourself complete permission to fall asleep, no effort is required.

One of our team, Pablo, coined the phrase Beditation as so many people listening to our broadcasts were commenting that they were unable to stay awake no matter how hard they tried, many felt they were being transported out of the way whilst their higher-self got to work assisting them to let go and really allow their higher guidance to assist them.

Some people said that they thought they were doing it wrong, or felt that they may be missing out on something by falling asleep, but interestingly they were also surprised how much better they felt after tuning in even though they hardly heard a word before they fall asleep.

The beautiful thing about these offerings is that you can simply put them on and gently drift off to sleep, knowing that your powerful subconscious mind is always listening even whilst you're sleeping.

Your subconscious mind, and your superconscious or higher-self can then work in unison to help you release old, outdated patterns of thought that no longer serve you, and to open to new possibilities. New perspectives can be offered into your awareness, and more positive ways of thinking can then be considered. Often we can get stuck in familiar unhelpful habits that we know don't serve us, but we may find it difficult to really break free from these, especially when life is challenging and we feel stressed or anxious.

Beditations are like a nightly reset. They beautifully facilitate the space where you can process difficult emotions and find a deeper sense of peace whilst sleeping. They can also help access deeply buried emotional trauma for gentle release, and reprogram unwanted indoctrination and unhelpful conditioning including ancestral memories, karmic bonds and past-life/collective wounding and subjugation.

Interestingly, accessing and releasing these kinds of patterns happens naturally and easily the more regularly you listen to beditations/broadcasts. The energy transmission has been described as a balm to the soul.

The subconscious mind learns quickly how to utilise this supporting energy transmission and puts it to work to help create the changes you wish to see in your life – as well as helping you envisage a far greater plan for our humanity.

Often people who listen regularly will notice that life now just seems easier, they don't feel so weighed down, they feel lighter, more at ease and those issues they had with life and other people no longer seem to bother them – like the paradigm has shifted and the problems they once faced have just fallen away and are no longer relevant.

If you want change in your life but don't know where to start, then put on any of my broadcasts, transmissions, activations and upgrades, and let them wash over you as you fall asleep.

As my husband Seb said, “Beditations help you Awaken whilst you sleep!”

I'm not sure that we can give it to you any easier than this, but if we find a way then we will let you know.

For now all you have to do is go to bed and press play.



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