Si’star Space

Upcoming 5 part Broadcast

A Magical Space – supporting the emergence of the Divine Feminine

Calling all sisters: this super-empowering, female embracing, goddess anchoring, intuitively guided, wise, wonderful woman broadcast is just for You!

Si'star Space

2013 is a time to awaken true feminine power, and re-align with the great cosmic Mother, ground the new energies and attune further to your innate intuitive wisdom.

We will be coming together as One; shifting the historic blocks that have left so many beautiful sisters disempowered.  Unified, we will celebrate the feminine riches, gather resources, and deepen our connection to the Galactic Goddess.  As we gracefully emerge from the shadowy past, both individually and collectively, we will remember the purpose at the very heart of All.

It is time to tune in, and together unite, rejoice and awaken.

Though this series is working with the feminine, everyone is welcome.

Come join this powerful moon cycle, and together share in the magic of this special time.

Global online broadcasts at 8pm UK Time.
Sunday 27th January – Full Moon (Wolfe Moon)
Sunday 3rd February – Waning Half Moon
Sunday 10th February – New Moon
Sunday 17th February – Waxing Half Moon
Monday 25th February – Full Moon (Stone Moon)

Book your place now, and receive timely reminders as well as unlimited access to the replays.

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One Response to Si’star Space

  1. Andrew Buller says:

    Dear Tracy,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you have given us all in the broadcasts you have done. I wanted to write to you more fully about the question you posed last night as to whether people would like more of these broadcasts – a definite, and the HUGESTEST YES!!! 🙂

    I had the pleasure of joining your group towards the end of 2012. The year had begun for me personally in a very dark place, and yet by the end of the year, I was so appreciative of the light that you and others were giving. Those initial rays of 2012 have burst through ever brighter in 2013. Thank you so much :)))

    As I now continue on my own upward journey, I increasingly realise how interconnected we all are, and how important the work you are doing here is in the growth of humanity, and in the protection of our beautiful planet. The continuation of your wonderful broadcasts would be an amazing part of this journey.

    Please if there is any small part I can play in assisting with this process, please ask.

    Deeply heart felt thanks Andrew X

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