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Transmissions for a New Earth

Tracy Holloway

Transmissions to guide and support the transition to a New Earth, channelled by Tracy Holloway.

Ancestral Re‑patterning, Collective Re‑coding, Karmic Release, Parts Integration, Grid‑work and more.

Be part of the greatest evolution of human consciousness as we move from an old out-dated paradigm into a new, more evolved way of being. This shift is both personal and planetary, and is already underway. You are invited to awaken the very heart of you: the magical light of your authentic presence, your unique gifts and sacred treasures.

It is time to awaken and embody your true power!

We've priced this potent set of 6 one hour audio transmissions at a super affordable £9
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These broadcasts can be listened to at any time but are especially effective at bedtime as you prepare for sleep – drift off whilst listening. Repeated listening is extremely beneficial. Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery.

What to expect from these Life Upgrade broadcasts?

Feedback received about this audio series

Thank you very much, Tracy. So powerful and truly grounding. Feeling at peace. These transmissions are so needed, thank you for this wonderful activation. Love and blessings x

— Emese B.  London, UK

Thank you so much Tracy. I experienced a very powerful karmic release and feel much lighter. Love to everyone. xxx

— Michaela K.  Gloucestershire, UK

Pure delicious soul-gold streaming through the softest voice one could ever be blessed to sooth into you so much precious Tracy

— Brigitte Z.  Switzerland

Wow, such insight, beautiful, thank you.

Tracy you are truly a gift to the world. Heartfelt thanks for your wisdom, teachings and guidance.

Bless you x

— Dawn M.  UK

Thank you as always Tracy so beautiful and calming. What is that beautiful decoding language it’s amazing, thanks

— Kirit P.  Bedfordshire, UK

Thank you Tracy for these beautiful transmissions, another powerful one. To take time out and receive these together with the light language is just bliss. Deep gratitude. Love and blessings to one and all xxx

— Linda E.  UK

Gosh lots of powerful releasing there for me!

— Joanna D.  UK
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Thank you Tracy for another deep and powerful transmission. And thanks to everyone for the collective energy. Beautiful souls

So incredibly powerful from the soles of my feet to the top of my head I'm vibrating. Thank you truly, madly, deeply.

My head feels very clear but my body is totally rooted to the bed. My legs feel as heavy as tree trunks! I'm just allowing this calibration of energy, and resisting the urge to get up too early.

Can't thank you enough. Everything you say feels so perfect and resonant. Like it's a personal message for me. Always echoing the very details of my existence. I feel seen and heard. Thank you.

So nourishing. I feel full of hope.

— Francine C.  London, UK

So Beautiful, powerful, connected. Thank you. So much love felt from you Tracy and everyone here.

Feeling blessed, emotional, loved, held. Support for all of us here and now loving our New Earth.

Definitely a session to do again!! xxx

— Linda B.  Gloucestershire, UK

Wow!! So hands were on fire and pulsing like mad. So looking forward to the next transmission. Thank you Tracy for all you are doing for us and the Planet. Love and so many blessings. XXX

— Rhona S.  Fife, Scotland

Thank you lovely Tracy as always over the years for your help in this ascension process. I have much gratitude. Powerful stuff xx

— Alison F.  Bristol, UK

What a marvellous time, thank you , thank you Tracy for all you offer for this New Earth, all these transmissions for everyone in these wonderful vibrations and journey... grateful so much and blessings for you and everyone

All my gratitude Tracy for these transmissions in powerful light, so powerful, for all this love you offer to us and for the earth...luminous blessings for you and everyone.. Wonderful together in love

— Françoise C.  France

Thank you tracy!!! X feeling noticeably lighter, last period of time has been a struggle - thank you <3

— Jay P.  London, UK

Thanks Tracy and everyone. This letting go eh. I love your work and get so much from it.

— Nicholas M.  UK
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Thank you Tracy, I really do feel so much lighter.

— Marian L.  UK

Hi Tracy. Most wondrous session. So much energy. I felt cocooned in love. Thank you so much.

— John S.  Berkshire, UK

Love to hear your voice. It resonated so deeply with how I’m feeling. Bless you xxx

— Lynda B.  UK

So wonderful and accurate, thank you infinitely Tracy, Seb, and All as ONE. <3

— Aline D.  Antibes, France

Thank you Tracy; that was very powerful. I really needed that -- I thought I was faulty for oscillating. Got so hot in the middle of that, had to take off my scarf and jumper!

My cat reacted to the light language!

— Rosanne J.  Bristol, UK

Thank you Tracy feel deeply rested and complete x

— Maz H.  Jersery

Thank you so much; it took a long it me for my eyes to open. The music is amazing and I feel so peaceful now. Feel very much that a load has been lifted. Blessings and Love xxx

— Rita M.  North Somerset, UK
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A new magical journey. Thank you so much Tracy, Blessings to you all.

— Patricia P.  France

Thank You dear Tracy for another transmitting and all we are all in this together. Community <3

— Monika J.  Poland

Love love loved it - thank you. Love and blessings xx

— Liza K C.  Newport, Wales

Received and feeling expanded thank you

— Sarah B.  UK

Deep gratitude, Tracy, for guiding us on this fantastic awakening journey <3 Love to all beautiful lights x

— Christal C.  Peypin, France

Thank you so much Tracy for the lovely transmissions. We are so blessed to receive them. xxx

— Lynne C.  Devon, UK

Thank You Tracy :-)

— John M.  UK
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Thank you so much for guidance, we are truely blessed ! Love and Grace:) deepest gratitude.

— Dienkie O.  South Africa

A lot of gratitude from the heart. So thankful for your guidance dear Tracy. Have a nice process beautiful souls

— Aline S.  Belgium

Wow, so powerful Tracy thankyou thank you

— Lynne C.  UK

General feedback about Tracy's work

Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who empowers you with the right information to change your life. Years of therapy, 100's of self-help books, 100's of hours of online videos and years of groups and workshops. Nothing helped me, nothing felt right. I was still stuck in my old ways, nothing made any sense to what I was feeling.

I watched a fabulous friend change before my eyes, the things she was saying and doing things that resonated with me. I asked her what had happened. She simply said “I stood in my own power and changed. Tracy gave me the tools to do the work myself”

So I watched her videos, and did my research. I could see what people meant, Tracy was speaking my language and things dropped into place. I listened to my first transmission and it rocked me to my very foundations, it was like a whole new world had opened to me.

Decades of confusion, pain, feeling so alone, in one transmission had cracked my tiny little world right open. The transmission was a huge catalyst for change within me, Tracy gave me those tools to make big lasting changes within myself and my life.

What I loved was the workshops and meeting Tracy, finally finding people who thought like me and speak the way I do. A real community that is making changes to the world we live in on a universal level.

— Annemarie H.  UK

For many years now, listening to Tracy every night as I go to sleep and as I sleep has been my normal. At first, I just felt they were what I needed to clear out limiting beliefs or to help me exist in a crazy world. I feel that right now, the broadcasts work to align us to the vibration of the new earth that we are all collectively building. The more of us that know this and tune in, the faster the transition will be and we can transform the crazy to bliss.

— Eva F.  Bristol, UK

I have been lucky enough to enjoy all of Tracy's broadcasts and they never fail to show me truth. They gently awaken by holding a beautiful safe space for you to truly explore your inner worlds, and wisdom. It has become a very important part of my life creating shifts of consciousness that connect me more deeply to all that is.

— Liz F.  Evesham, UK

I have been listening to Tracy’s broadcasts for 10 years. Having them in the background of my life has supported me in becoming more authentic and empowered. As I listen to them in the evenings (usually falling asleep) they keep reminding me of the bigger picture and I also enjoy the different energy themes which keeps it interesting for me.

— Kiera P.  London, UK

I have been listening to Tracy's broadcasts for many years, and I can honestly say they are truly life changing. They are beautifully and potently layered to gently access parts of you that even you may not know are there. You'll be taken on a journey to yourself, back home to your soul’s true potential. You need do nothing except listen and drift away into your inner cosmos. Oneness in motion. The more you listen the deeper you go.

— Izzy B.  Hereford, UK

I've been listening Tracy's broadcast over a decade now and they've been tremendous support to my self transformation in my life. Listening as many times as possible they help me to go in deeper to connect the richness and the source within and around me. Tracy's beautiful gentle loving voice with open heart words are so reassuring, and they help you to let yourself be free. I can't recommend highly enough if you want to develop deeper enriching experiences in your life.

— Yuri D.  Japan
We've priced this potent set of 6 one hour audio transmissions at a super affordable £9
£9 is approximately...
Convert currency
Your contribution helps fund bringing this valuable work to others.