Tracy Holloway

Your Rising Power

Your Rising Power

You are at the gateway of a New Earth emerging; a powerful place in which truth can be known and greater insight can be discovered.

As you look behind, you see where you’ve been - the obstacles you’ve overcome and the strength you’ve gained from traversing such challenging terrain.

Your power is increasing, each and every day. There is no need to resist it as it is part of a bigger picture of human evolution which is naturally unfolding.

Release the need to understand everything, or to have it all worked out. Release the need to hold on to the past as a way of understanding who you are and how you fit in the world, and instead let go of all that you thought you knew and all that you’ve previously attached to.

Gift your life with greater meaning now as the power within you rises and you gain a clearer sense of Self.

Get all the latest upgrades, energetic activations and integrations to support your inevitable awakening at this time.