Tracy Holloway

Your New-Earth Grid Activation

Your New-Earth Grid Activation

Join us, and anchor the energy of the New Earth through this powerful Gateway activation sequence.

You will receive specific coded information unique to you, as you soak in the light-energy transmission at this transformational time. This newly opened Gateway supports the shift into a more grounded way of being, releasing the old, stagnant, degenerative information (particularly that of the physical vessel) - making way for a new regenerative process to begin.

Recoding, Upgrading, aligning and attuning you to a higher frequency, whilst rooting into your true essence here on Earth.

Get ready, and come home to the true you of you - and live the life of your dreams.

If not now, then when?

Relax and let go into this beautiful transmission, and be ready to anchor your true sacred-self into the Earth as a blessed seed of Light ready to emerge in the New Earth.