Tracy Holloway

Psychic Development Audio Series

Psychic Development

Audio training to help you open up your psychic senses, to a more intuitive way of living.

This is a series of 6 one hour professional audio recordings which are available either online as MP3 downloads, or as a CD set.

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The Psychic Development series is easily accessible by anyone.  It has been designed to help you get the most out of yourself by expanding awareness, experiencing wholeness and increasing confidence, as you explore your psychic self.

No matter what you perceive your current psychic ability to be, this exploration into consciousness and how you interact within it, will get you tuned in and psyched up.

This series is a must for anyone wishing to gain more insight into their own life, and the lives of others.  It will guide you to tune into your innate psychic wisdom, receiving clear communication, which will empower, enrich and guide you towards greater happiness and success.

Once accessed, this new way of being will continue to develop long after the series ends.

All in all a fabulous opportunity to access and develop the power of your own psychic self, through a guided process which will support you as you grow.

The series includes psychic activations and inner journeys which you will enjoy over and over again, each time expanding into a more conscious, and more intuitive way of Being.

Available in digital format (instant mp3 download), or physical format (pack of 6 CDs).

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