Tracy Holloway

Incubation Time

Incubation Time

Get ready for The Deepening; as we prepare to take the new frequency of Light into the shadowy darkness of this powerful incubation period.

A new level of guidance is coming through to support you; but first you must percolate, as you gestate the truth of who you are. 

This broadcast will help you to settle in and get grounded in readiness for the next wave of the awakening process.  A very deep and potent time of gestation is just beginning.  The power within You is bubbling and stirring, and there can be no going back now. This incubation process is inevitable - but what emerges from this time of deep inner reflection is yet to be seen.

There is no rush, take your time - everything you need is available to you - but unless you truly know who you are then you will not know what it is that you need. 

The deepening is a pause, a reflective moment in the process of transformation - the gift of grace is upon us - the incubation of truth is here.