Tracy Holloway

2012 Activation

2012 Activation

After closing the door on 2011, it is time to join together and open our hearts, and minds to the immense opportunity 2012 presents.

This powerful meditation will invite you to set your intentions, release any blocks and come fully into alignment with the You, you came here to be.  The connections you make to others have never been more important.  Heart centred presence means living authentically, manifesting your dreams, moving beyond fear and judgement and being part of something magnificent.  Oneness is everything.

This is your invitation to enter 2012 with conviction, to make IT happen, and to receive the insights, energetic shifts and activations required to support your gentle evolution.

Join us.  Be part of the great shift.  Take your place.
This is the time you’ve been waiting for – don’t waste a moment.