What Are Master Codes?

Master Codes are energetic upgrades, received through powerful guided transmissions and channelled meditations which can help you access higher frequencies of consciousness.

As human beings we often habitually operate within a limited bandwidth of reality. Our thoughts, ideas and perceptions can be influenced and somewhat distorted by our historic conditioning: beliefs, indoctrination, ideas of self and others imposed upon us, especially in our formative years. These patterns or programs act as templates or basic blueprints for our subsequent behaviours, habits and attitudes and as such they influence our ability to create our life more consciously.

These unconscious programs, if unchallenged can instead run our lives. Like software installed from a library of data within our subconscious mind – these programs can just run our lives without anyone checking to see if they’re even still relevant, helpful or supportive to us in the here and now.

Imagine if we just run our lives based on out-dated software, we’re probably not going to truly master our reality. We are certainly not in the driving seat of our lives. We may in many ways just simply act out past history which dictates to us how we should react, respond and interact with others and our environment.

Driving Seat

We can all recognise an uncomfortable sense of not quite being in control of ourselves, especially when stress levels are high, or if we want to change a habit but find it very difficult to do so. The power of our subconscious mind is immense, and we need to get this powerful ally working for us.

As we become more aware of the hold these old, out-dated and derailing programs have over influencing our decisions and behaviours, we can then go about the task of deprogramming, and disentangling ourselves from the limitations these programs present in order to take back control and put ourselves in the driving seat of our lives.

When we do, we become more present and more able to consciously decide how we want to live our lives, doing things in a way which is deeply satisfying, authentic and resonant with who we truly are, and our true values. We then discover we have enormous potential, so much more than the previously activated programs have led us to believe. We are now beginning to activate the Master Codes.

Self-mastery is self-actualisation, bringing the true you of you into play as a creative-being.

The Master Codes are a way to fast track this reprogramming process, bringing you deeper awareness of who you are, and equally who you are not. A sifting, sorting process which the brilliant subconscious mind can take on and do for you, once it is instructed to do so, and instructed in a way that it can understand and apply successfully and consistently.

Heart and Mind Aligned

The unique power these transmissions have is that they speak the language of the subconscious mind, as well as the language of the heart. They enable a dialogue to occur between heart and mind, and when this takes place it can lead to new, and infinite possibilities.

Simply put, these transmissions assist heart and mind to come together, unifying their intention with one specific goal: to free you to be authentically you and actualise yourself and your unique gifts here on Earth at this time.

It is time to jump on-board, as the world really needs us in our true, awakened power right now. We can discover many great benefits from joining together in a collective, unified field of love and healing resonance, helping raise humanity’s consciousness to a more connected, cohesive and heart-centred way of being together.

When we think about the basic principles of existence; everything being energy, frequency and light, then we can understand the importance of raising our frequency, both personally and collectively.

The way to think of it is that within the higher frequencies of ourselves we are free of these otherwise limiting distortions of past programming; we can remember the simple unifying power which love has to heal us of past trauma – both personal and collective.

With a forgiving heart, our consciousness naturally elevates our thoughts and perceptions. We can then master our own creation of reality, rather than just harbouring resentment and being the victim of the past. By simply challenging experiences and bringing forgiveness and love into the equation we start to release ourselves from limiting patterns which are otherwise passed down through the generations as a heavy load of coded information, causing distortion, prejudice, fear and limited understanding of ourselves as human beings. We instead raise our consciousness, and hearts to envisage and create something which brings us together as one, beyond the illusion of separation and divisive action.

Time to Unpack Your Bags

Unpacking the traumas of the past: those traumas that are personal and those that are collective are all part of the journey which will ultimately lead us back into connectivity and belonging. Letting go of that which no longer serves us and releasing ourselves from these often debilitating distortions in perception which have been unconsciously handed down to us, all helps to create much needed tender space around the heart.

Creating such space and ease naturally elevates our consciousness, raising our heart frequency and opening our minds to new and limitless possibilities which our endlessly creative nature longs to be inspired by – freeing us to be the creative beings we really are.

Master codes become unlocked, or encoded within us as these new software upgrades of our creative-self become activated.

This occurs when we align with the truth of who we are. These Master Codes could be seen as the gifts or transformational opportunities we seek; the potential treasures within us, the diamonds and the gold which we discover when we let go of who we are not. This heart-centred creation of reality is beyond the knee jerk reaction of predetermined programs, and instead a conscious co-creative interplay within a much larger field of awareness. As we step into self-mastery, we become truly alive.

Get Higher Guidance

The Master Codes are available to everyone. The coded transmissions open up the communication channels between the subconscious database of pre-programmed information and the higher intelligence of the superconscious mind, and the higher octave of the heart’s intelligence. The symbolic language and energy of the transmissions are designed specifically to bring the operations managers of these departments together for a much needed meeting; where talks can take place deep within the coding libraries, behind the scenes so to speak. There, a reorganisation of priorities can be authorised, where all relevant parts get involved and agree to work together towards a new common goal – which is to support you to master the creation of your reality.

All our free online transmissions support this overall process of awakening the true authentic you of you. And this particular ‘Master Codes’ activation will help to fast track this process, regardless of where you are currently on your journey of actualising positive, lasting change.

Receive this beautifully relaxing, powerful attunement process of the Master Codes whilst you simply lay back, rest and soak in the unique energy transmission.



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