Venus Transit Portal Activation

This one off opportunity invites you to take your place as a portal is opened and consciousness shifts to a whole new, exciting level. You will receive specific, coded information as part of a unique energy transmission and activation sequence. This will support you to release the past paradigm of fear and separation, and move gently into the new paradigm of Oneness, Love and Unity.

It is now time for the masculine and feminine energies of our beautiful, beloved planet to come into balance. These powerful energies must first be brought into balanced in ourselves. Fear must be released if true love is to be known. A bridge must be built by those who believe in another way, and who are prepared to ground what they sense by showing up in their totality.

You are the Key

It really is your time to shine. Take this unique opportunity to be consciously present and part of something truly spectacular. Your presence is required - the choice is yours.

The ripple-effect of this portal activation will go on to set the scene for a whole new way of living, and you are the key.