Upgrade Your Life

There's no limit to this ever expanding consciousness.

It is easy to get caught up in patterns and habits that keep you from fulfilling your true potential.  In fact we give away a great deal of time and energy to this. Sometimes we have to take a breath, create a moment of stillness, be quiet and peaceful and just let go of everything – and relax.

If too much time is spent being busy, reacting and responding to the immediate environment in a knee-jerk way, then we can miss the opportunity to really know who we are, and to know what our real needs are – let alone get those needs met.

People easily become a manifestation of their inner-programming; unconscious programs can tell us how to act, what to do, and who to be. These programs are deeply rooted and can create an inner-dialogue of fear, judgement, criticism and self-neglect, or abuse.  Many of these programs have never been challenged; they operate like a TV or radio which chatters on in the background. Life becomes so much calmer when the background noise lessens.

Shaping Your World

Are you the kind of persona who just leaves the TV on blaring in the background?

Would you leave a young child alone in front of a Television without monitoring what he/she is watching and whether it is appropriate?

Imagine if there was something negative on the TV, totally draining and fear generating that made you look at the world with despair – would you just let it play day after day, year after year?  And would you believe it to be true just because it is on repeat and has become familiar?  Would you allow it to shape your world view?

Sadly this white noise is influencing our collective creation of reality.  Some people are more tuned into it than others. Many people have a huge amount of negative programming running in the background of their mind, day in, day out. It goes completely unchecked, unchallenged and worse still it shapes their perception of themselves and their world.

Negative programming creates anxiety, stress, depression and impacts physical well-being by overloading the systems of the body. Often the body is in an environment of perceived crisis just because of the mental imagery and dialogue it is exposed to.

Get Unplugged

To make lasting change to your physical health, and to support your emotional and mental well-being then get unplugged from the lower frequencies which create sickness and imbalance and attune to a higher frequency which supports health and vitality.

The reprogramming of your inner-world and the mindful awareness required to change your unconscious behaviour can transport you naturally from a life of illness and difficulty, to a life that is healthy, peaceful and fulfilling. You can literally rewrite the story and become someone who thrives rather than someone who struggles to survive.

It doesn’t really matter how you make the shift from walking through life in the sleepy haze of unconscious responses and reaction, to being awake, mindful and purposeful – it is only important that you do it!

Worth It

You are worth so much more than what those old programs will lead you to believe.  And it isn’t the programs’ fault – the programs are just data, old information. The trouble is that if you only listen to old information then you’re likely to stay stuck in old patterns and habits, because that is what has been programmed and you are just following instructions.

As human beings we fall into the trap of following the programs rather than seeing that we are actually the programmer too and it is up to us to upgrade, re-code and load new programs which can support our healthy, positive endeavours.

If the background noise of your life is negative and defeatist, then how will that ever lead you to success?  If your inner voice continuously moans and never has a kind word to say about you, your life or the world around you – then how will you find compassion in your heart and be kind to yourself and others?

Taking charge of your part in this amazing experience we call life involves you becoming 100% responsible for your creation of reality.  Being in charge of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes helps you shape your world.

When you take charge and become the programmer of a new inner landscape and dialogue then your reality will start to shift and bring you into alignment with a greater guiding wisdom and intelligence.

There will always be some background frequency to your life as this is what helps life to become manifest – but what you listen to is your choice.

The mind is a habit mind, it is programmed to remind you to repeat behaviours – but it does not discern a good habit from a bad habit. Whatever you do regularly becomes stored as a habit and your thoughts and feelings will encourage you to keep at it. And so choose to do the things that will most support you, rather than doing things that you know are not taking you in the direction you wish to go.

The Key

Program an enriched life, not your demise.
Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.
Create new programs by forming new habits, even if challenging to start with – once fully installed through repetition the new habit will become second nature. Choose things which fill your heart with joy.

Negative inner-dialogue is a habit that can be changed. And if you want to learn how to master the creation of your reality, then your inner-world and how you talk to yourself is probably the most powerful factor.

If you want positive, lasting change then you must upgrade, re-code and assimilate a new frequency of data – something that will align you, support you, and sustain you through even the most challenging times.

It is time for an Upgrade on every level, and it has never been more easy. The most important thing you can do to support your Awakening-Self is to say Yes to life and Yes to the opportunities offered.

Tools and Techniques

Regardless of where you are on your path of Ascension, this is a time of great change both personally and planetary.  Embracing what comes along, and raising your vibration in everyday ways will help to support and uplift you. Consciously observe ways in which you can become more heart-centred and gently guide yourself to make the necessary changes. As you become more conscious, so you become more aware of what serves you and what doesn’t.

There is no need to analyse anything – nor do you need to understand a deeper meaning so that you can learn your lessons. The stories seem endless as many of the programs people run are the collective imprints from a shared history over many life-times.

Your job is simply to recognise unhelpful programs and delete them.

Installing new, supporting ones will give you further insights and empower you to live an authentic and abundant life.

Upgrade yourself from the inside out.


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