True Power

Feeling overwhelmed, challenged, or struggling to shake off the past?

The recent activations and energy transmissions are supporting you to let go of those old feelings of not being worthy, not being good enough, not belonging.

As you open more to your potential, light and true awesome power, these opposing energies inevitably surface, to be acknowledged and released.

As a part of the awakening process, you may be experiencing a lot of self-doubt right now, and even feeling paranoid about what others think of you, or what’s possible for you. Perhaps you are judging yourself more harshly, and fearing that others judge you too. There is often a self sabotaging inner dialogue that says: “Who are you to think you can be amazing, great, loved, happy, successful?”

It can feel challenging to override this negativity, and for a while you may experience it dragging you down into that old place of self-abandonment – where just for a moment you feel like giving up. This momentary lapse can be a great reminder of where you don’t want to be, and affirms beautifully how far you have already come.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, like you can’t get anything right, or that things are conspiring against you. As the collective shift occurs, old feelings and stories briefly pass on through, making way for the new. All these feelings of worthlessness stem from a long history of denial of true power. We are currently wriggling free from all this, like a snake shedding its skin – making way for a new You to be born.

As further self-limiting thoughts and feelings bubble up, you may start to doubt you’ve made any progress at all, and it’s easy to fall back into self-destructive patterns – unless you remain ‘awake’, conscious, and present to the overall transformation process.

Actually what’s happening is that the old world energy is shifting, falling away – and as it does, you sense it and it feels very uncomfortable, and unnerving at times. Just let go. Surrender. Let go again and again – until letting go is as natural for you as it is for a flower releasing its potent seeds.

These are powerful times in both your personal, and our planetary evolution. So hold onto your hat; we are travelling through a bumpy bit right now; some turbulence may be felt – but for sure you are on track, and all will be well. You are not alone, many people are experiencing this with you. You are the shift in consciousness occurring.

Everything that you have relied upon to make you feel worthy, to give you a sense of purpose or power, is shifting and changing, and will continue to over the coming days, weeks, months and even years. Eventually, as the new energies settle, your power and purpose will be guided from a much deeper place of truth and intuitive wisdom. Though for now, as the changes occur, everything feels wobbly, unsettled and uncertain. Simply accept that this is how it is. This is how it is, and it does not mean that there is something inherently wrong with You. The idea that there is something wrong with you is part of the old paradigm which is falling away, let it go. Accept you as you, for the way that you are today, right now – you are always changing, this is nature’s way. Flow with change and accept what is.

Take time to slither out of that old skin, as it is not who you are. It may take time, as you cannot rush these things – kindness and patience are the keys. It will happen at its own perfect, and natural pace, so trust in the overall process of transformation. You are not the old shrivelled skin of past conditioning, so let go of the attachment, and resist the habit of identifying with its shrinking parameters.

You are that which is emerging; A true magnificence and power, as yet unseen. The Universe has always known you as this, seeing your true beauty beaming throughout the cosmos.

You are Starlight, shine brightly.

*  *  *


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