Transmissions for a New Earth (parts 7-12)

Fast track your Awakening Journey with these channelled transmissions to guide and support the transition to a New Earth.

Tune in for the latest Awakening codes, Energetic Upgrades, Activations and Light Language transmissions.

Ancestral Re‑patterning, Collective Re‑coding, Karmic Release, Parts Integration, Grid‑work and more.

Be part of the greatest evolution of human consciousness as we move from an old out-dated paradigm into a new, more evolved way of being. This shift is both personal and planetary, and is already underway. You are invited to awaken the very heart of you: the magical light of your authentic presence, your unique gifts and sacred treasures.

It is time to awaken and embody your true power!

We've priced this potent set of 6 one hour audio transmissions at a super affordable £9

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These broadcasts can be listened to at any time but are especially effective at bedtime as you prepare for sleep – drift off whilst listening. Repeated listening is extremely beneficial. Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery.

What to expect from these Life Upgrade broadcasts?

  • Reduce anxiety, find balance, restore inner peace.
  • Enhance intuitive abilities & develop extra sensory perceptions.
  • Further enhance a connection to your higher guidance.
  • Develop deeper self-enquiry for your personal journey.
  • Shift limiting patterns, behaviours and beliefs.
  • Clear historic blockages, conditioning & ancestral memories.
  • Release trauma, curses, implants, limitation devices.
  • Connect to nurturing, nourishing, everyday guidance.
  • Accelerate your personal evolution.
  • Align with your heart-centred creative potential.
  • Learn to trust your innate wisdom.
  • Re-align with your authentic self, return to wholeness.
  • Return to true power.
  • Discover your sacred treasures.
  • Gain insights into personal and planetary ascension.
  • Play a positive role in the collective shift.
  • Anchor a grounded sense of self and purpose.
  • Embody awareness of the interconnectedness of all things.
  • Live magically and abundantly in the ever changing flow.
  • Reclaim your sacred sovereignty.

Feedback received about this audio series

Deep gratitude, Tracy, for guiding us on this fantastic awakening journey <3 Love to all beautiful lights x

— Christal C.(Peypin, France)

Thank you so much; it took a long it me for my eyes to open. The music is amazing and I feel so peaceful now. Feel very much that a load has been lifted. Blessings and Love xxx

— Rita M.(North Somerset, UK)

Wow, so powerful Tracy thank you thank you

— Lynne C.(UK)

Thank you Tracy; that was very powerful. I really needed that -- I thought I was faulty for oscillating. Got so hot in the middle of that, had to take off my scarf and jumper!

— Rosanne J.(Bristol, UK)

Thank you so much for guidance, we are truely blessed ! Love and Grace:) deepest gratitude.

— Dienkie O.(South Africa)

Thank you so much Tracy for the lovely transmissions. We are so blessed to receive them. xxx

— Lynne C.(Devon, UK)

Received and feeling expanded thank you

— Sarah B.(UK)

Love love loved it - thank you. Love and blessings xx

— Liza C.(Newport, Wales)

Thank You dear Tracy for another transmitting and all we are all in this together. Community <3

— Monika J.(Poland)

A new magical journey. Thank you so much Tracy, Blessings to you all.

— Patricia P.(France)

A lot of gratitude from the heart. So thankful for your guidance dear Tracy. Have a nice process beautiful souls

— Aline S.(Belgium)

Thank you Tracy feel deeply rested and complete x

— Maz H.(Jersery)

So wonderful and accurate, thank you infinitely Tracy, Seb, and All as ONE. <3

— Aline D.(Antibes, France)

Love to hear your voice. It resonated so deeply with how I’m feeling. Bless you xxx

— Lynda B.(UK)

Hi Tracy. Most wondrous session. So much energy. I felt cocooned in love. Thank you so much.

— John S.(Berkshire, UK)

Thank you Tracy, I really do feel so much lighter.

— Marian L.(UK)

Thanks Tracy and everyone. This letting go eh. I love your work and get so much from it.

— Nicholas M.(UK)

All my gratitude Tracy for these transmissions in powerful light, so powerful, for all this love you offer to us and for the earth...luminous blessings for you and everyone.. Wonderful together in love

— Françoise C.(France)

Thank you lovely Tracy as always over the years for your help in this ascension process. I have much gratitude. Powerful stuff xx

— Alison F.(Bristol, UK)

Wow!! So hands were on fire and pulsing like mad. So looking forward to the next transmission. Thank you Tracy for all you are doing for us and the Planet. Love and so many blessings. XXX

— Rhona S.(Fife, Scotland)

So incredibly powerful from the soles of my feet to the top of my head I'm vibrating. Thank you truly, madly, deeply.

Can't thank you enough. Everything you say feels so perfect and resonant. Like it's a personal message for me. Always echoing the very details of my existence. I feel seen and heard. Thank you.

— Francine C.(London, UK)

Gosh lots of powerful releasing there for me!

— Joanna D.(UK)

Thank you Tracy for these beautiful transmissions, another powerful one. To take time out and receive these together with the light language is just bliss. Deep gratitude. Love and blessings to one and all xxx

— Linda E.(UK)

Thank you as always Tracy so beautiful and calming. What is that beautiful decoding language it’s amazing, thanks

— Kirit P.(Bedfordshire, UK)

Wow, such insight, beautiful, thank you.

Tracy you are truly a gift to the world. Heartfelt thanks for your wisdom, teachings and guidance.

Bless you x

— Dawn M.(UK)

Pure delicious soul-gold streaming through the softest voice one could ever be blessed to sooth into you so much precious Tracy

— Brigitte Z.(Switzerland)

Thank you so much Tracy. I experienced a very powerful karmic release and feel much lighter. Love to everyone. xxx

— Michaela K.(Gloucestershire, UK)

Thank you very much, Tracy. So powerful and truly grounding. Feeling at peace. These transmissions are so needed, thank you for this wonderful activation. Love and blessings x

— Emese B.(London, UK)

We've priced this potent set of 6 one hour audio transmissions at a super affordable £9

Your contribution helps fund bringing this valuable work to others.