Time to Let Go

This 3 part broadcast will motivate, inspire, uplift and support you. 

This powerful 2012 broadcast may be from a while ago, but it offers a great opportunity to let go and surrender into the moment.

With insights, meditations & activations, helping you get to the very heart of you, so you can develop the courage it takes to listen to the truth within you.

Accept what is, forgive completely, and trust yourself fully as you open to self-love.

Break free from limiting patterns and re-program yourself for peace happiness and fulfilment now.

Stop listening to negative self-talk, the angry shouts of the past; the regrets, abuse, violation, manipulation, suffering and greed of yesterday.

Avoid being distracted by worries, thoughts and judgements about what others may, or may not do. 

Release what no longer serves you. Drop the façade, the baggage, the illusion, the mask, the shadows of the past, and instead come fully into your essential self –  be the you, you came here to be.

Part 1

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