The Time is Now!

Be at peace as you harness the vibration of the New Earth’s heart and sacred wisdom.

A reshaping is occurring at all levels, a gentle metamorphosis which cannot be denied.  Trying to resist, deny, or escape these inevitable changes will result in the feeling of struggle, and overwhelm.  You are not being asked to struggle, or to feel overwhelmed, you are instead being asked to release yourself into peace.

As this change occurs you may wonder what’s going on, and you could feel as if you are losing all sense of yourself, or losing sense of your place in the world – this is a transient feeling and will pass.

Who you are, and why you are here will become clearer as the New World emerges.  Though for now, uncertainty is a guiding force at this most transformative point in human history.  Everything is in question, as doubt seems to reign supreme – and yet as the storms of change whip the world into perceived chaos, you can find a place of stillness, and peace within.

Regardless of what you hear, what you read, or what some have predicted – this powerful time of both global and personal transformation is with us – and travelling within the eye of the storm will give you a most pleasant journey, and a birds-eye view of the shift from the old world to the new.

I encourage you to practice being conscious of where your mind wanders, and rather than fearing, worrying, and stressing – centre yourself in the loving space created by your heart.  This bubble of light-energy will transport you to exactly where you need to be, and it really doesn’t have to be complicated – not when you let go and trust.

I have spent many years creating specific broadcasts (also known as Beditations, transmissions and activations) to help you through this transitory time. 

Each of these offerings has been channelled, to support you as you make the shift into a more sacred way of being.  Life Upgrade has a specific energetic transmission, a frequency of intelligence which is highly evolved and resonates at the vibration of the New Earth’s heart and wisdom. 

Each time you listen to a broadcast, you are energetically held at this specific vibrational frequency, assimilating it into the fabric of your being as you gently re-code. 

Many people feel they are transported to another world, as if they’ve perhaps been asleep, though not quite their usual ‘sleep’. Those who regularly tune into this frequency are being gradually attuned to hold the higher octave of the new heart and wisdom vibration, and are learning to ground it physically through their body.

This is why it is highly recommended that you listen to the broadcasts regularly and repeatedly to experience their full guiding support as you make the transition. 

There are plenty of these channelled offerings to choose from (all free!) and you can follow your own intuitive guidance to know which to listen to at any particular time.  If there are any you resist, then definitely make sure you listen to those (!) as they could provide the keys to shifting deep resistance you’ve struggled to access.

The energy transmission of all these offerings is unique, as are you – and each time you listen you will experience something new, you will hear things differently as your connection to yourself, and All, deepens each time.

It could not be simpler, just rest back and let the words and their energy wash over you. 

You are being offered unlimited access to the frequency required to make this transitionary shift into the new, and all you have to do is make the time for yourself. 

Create the time and space for You.  Many people pop them on as they go to bed at night, hence why they get called Beditations. You can fall asleep listening and let the power of your superconscious mind help you whilst you rest.

Be at peace as you harness the vibration of the New Earth’s heart and sacred wisdom into every cell of your body. 

Be empowered to give the You of You time to shine through.

Listen intuitively to the energetic guidance that resonates at the very heart of everything.

Listen when you're stressed, tired and overwhelmed. Take time out for your awakening journey.  Plug into the supporting energies and recharge.

Listen whenever you can. Make time for the deeper more intuitive you, and prioritise what’s really important to your overall growth and development at this transformational time.

When you create the space to tune in, in this way, you are attuning yourself to be part of a global network of light with heart-centred people from all around the world. The connection to this network of other beautiful-beings brings you energetically into a very powerful sacred Temple of Light space where you will be supported energetically to feel deeply nourished at a soul level, regardless of what challenges you face.  

Feel supported, connected, and purposeful as you raise your own vibration. Be with others committed to this journey of evolution and thus help raise the vibration of our beloved planet through honouring our interconnectivity. 

You may be surprised to discover that over the coming days, weeks and months ahead people who you never imagined would open their hearts to a deeper journey, start experiencing life in new, more meaningful ways. 

As they do, they may gravitate towards you – interested in what practices you're embodying through this time of awakening.  They may feel comfortable in your energy, able to open to you and feel safe, seen and understood.  These people are seeking the same guiding energy transmission of the New Earth and once you carry this it emanates out and others sense it.

This energy of empowered wisdom, and sacred heart’s frequency is something sensed beyond the ordinary mind.  Help share it through the broadcasts and let others be nourished, attuned, and supported as they too take their place in the Temple of Light.

There is no limit to what is possible at this transformational time here on Earth. There is One heart, empowered wisdom and sacred truth resonating throughout all living things, including You.  Attuning to this new, higher frequency, embodying it’s sacred wisdom and consciously connecting with others and transmitting this intelligence purposefully will enrich your life, and transport you into a whole new way of being. 

The New Earth is here, simply open your heart and Upgrade to the higher frequency – Oneness is everything.


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