The Codes for Karmic Resolution

Release yourself from karma and find a new way of Being.

This broadcast support the transmission of the necessary Codes for Karmic Resolution.

This means that if you are still struggling to let go, and are finding things very intense particularly in relation to others then you may require this specific activation to finally set yourself free.

This energetic transmission, with its coded activation will carry on working with you long after you initially receive it. You will be guided by your own inner wisdom to have the experience you require - to see, sense and know what you need to do and importantly, how to do it.

A bridge is being built; helping to harness the power of the new world within You and your life. It is a requirement for the ascension process - to release the karmic bonds which otherwise keep you enmeshed in the old paradigm.

The activation here begins the reprogramming of the 12 strands of your DNA.

Duration is 30 minutes, then there is music.