Star Gate Activation

Be part of this evolving story of awakening the New Earth. 

Stonehenge StarGate

When we have large in-person ceremonies out on the land at sacred sites, for specific Star Gate and grid-work activations, we also invite our global community to join us from wherever they are in the world by tuning in via broadcasts such as this one.

Listening to these broadcasts at anytime will help support you on your awakening journey, they give you direct access to the energetic portals where new codes of information can be accessed and utilised. 

The people there physically in ceremony act as grounding rods for the new incoming Light-codes. Then through broadcasts such as this one, others like you tune in and help further ground and energetically disseminate the light-energy-transmission.  This rippling affect across the planet further activates the grid networks by transmitting the Light through the waters and influencing all interconnecting networks - thus creating a planetary activation. 

This specific ceremony at Stonehenge was in 2017. The activation and light-code transmission is still rippling out and can be beneficial to anyone at anytime. 

Here's a little bit about a day in ceremony with me, though the multidimensional nature of such events isn't something that can easily be put into words.

30 Ground Crew came to take part in this event and if you were one of them then thank you again for your open-heart and willingness to act as an anchor at this special time.

We had the added bonus of a couple of crop circles appearing in the area, one right by Stonehenge and the other just outside Avebury.  The one near to Stonehenge was so beautiful, and the energy felt so peaceful, like coming Home – we didn’t want to leave.

After breakfast we went to Swallow Falls and dipped our feet in the river Kennet. The second part of our ceremony was there, tuning in to the sacred waters and the whispers of the trees and experiencing the continuation of the incoming transmission flow through. 

Then on to West Kennet Long Barrow. We have been called there many times for various ceremonies – and this one was particularly special.  The sound reverberates so beautifully within the dark stone womb and passage.

We finished our day lying in the second crop circle, high on the hill top with the expanse of sky all around.  For some of us this was our second visit to this actual spot, and that in itself is an unusual occurrence – for crop circles rarely appear in the exact same place twice.

The energy of the day was supercharged, the whole event was magical beyond words and the waves of transformation will continue to ripple out for a long time.

If you would like to join us via the replay of this broadcast, then here is the link. It is just as potent now as it was when it was recorded, if not more so!

Stonehenge Star Gate Activation


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