Soul Mate Calling

Get in the flow of True Love through these insights, practical exercises, powerful inner processes, tips and tricks, which help open the heart to love.

Mini home-study course.

4 audio parts, including inner quests / meditations and exercises / homework.

Blocks to attracting the love of your life will be uncovered and dealt with. The One is out there somewhere, learn to magnetise them to you.

Get in the flow of True Love. Call your Soul Mate to you. Change subconscious programs which get in the way, and clearly map a direct course between you and your true love.

This Soul Mate Calling mini-course is jam-packed with insights, practical exercises, tips and tricks to opening your heart to love, and powerful inner processes which will get things moving.

You may think you're unlucky in love, or that there isn't someone just right for you. Let this inspirational and motivational journey help change your attitude, your approach, and get you aligned with a fulfilling, loving relationship.

You deserve True Love. Let the magic begin!

Price: £14