New Moon Meditation - Virgo

Beautifully inspiring and uplifting.

Come down to Earth gently with a new sense of priorities. When you care for yourself and your planet as one then you really are in service to a much greater whole.

This New Moon can help you assess the areas of your life which need attention. Make a plan of action, in fact get your pen and paper ready, it’s time to write a list.

Your health and wellbeing should be a priority. Taking care of yourself is the best preventative medicine. Eat right for your body and increase health and vitality. Enjoy locally sourced, organic fresh foods where possible. Make purchasing choices that support you to live harmoniously with your planet. Time to live an even healthier, greener, more sustainable life.

Making a difference in the world should start from first base; you and your immediate environment. Write a list of changes that you are ready to implement, and get to it. Organise your life in such a way that you feel relaxed and in control of any details, whilst trusting that those things you are not in control of will be taken care of.

Get your house in order, and then relax and enjoy.