New Moon Meditation - Scorpio

Beautifully inspiring and uplifting.

Face to face with the shadow, embrace this sacred dance. No part of you can hide forever as all must be revealed. And through the richness of such observation, truthful reflection and integration, a powerhouse of wisdom will awaken.

Like the deepest, darkest well which seems to have no end; the sacred waters of this New Moon energy invite you to dive in and see what you can discover within these hidden depths.

You are an infinite being, with no beginning and no end - and yet you have taken this physical form to explore, learn and play. The complexities of the emotional deep; tides, turbulence, reflections, shallows, uncertainties, stagnant pools in places and a constant flow in others, can be quite a ride.

Whether you choose to rise above the waters and get a higher perspective or dive into the hidden depths releasing the blocks and stagnation that affect the overall flow - this New Moon energy is powerful and transformational.

Facing your fears and looking into the eyes of truth will inspire, enrich and support you. Those shadowy places can seem scary, but hidden deep within are the treasures that you seek.