New Moon Meditation - Pisces

Beautifully inspiring and uplifting.

Drop into the dreamy waters, let go into unknown depths - emerge restored and refreshed.

The New Moon in Pisces invites you to explore your inner world through creativity, art, music and dance. Time to express yourself. Let what is hidden bubble up through colour, movement and sound.

Compassion for yourself is required. Feel into the shadows of the past and create the space for limitations to be released through some kind of creative pursuit. You are the creative expression of a magical Universe. You are both the artist and the canvas, the song and the dance, the writer and the story.

Paint with passion. Sing and dance to your own unique rhythm. Write the hero’s journey, rise up from betrayal, despair and tragedy and see yourself re-write history. The stage, the book, the story are all yours. This beautiful Universe has given you everything to play with and explore - so that you can discover its true bounty, wonder and awe.

Whether it is your own depths you feel, or that of those around you - or a deeper calling from the Earth and the Cosmos - trust your inner guiding wisdom and submerge yourself in the power of your own imagination.