New Moon Meditation - Aries

Beautifully inspiring and uplifting.

A time of high energy and new beginnings, and a desire to get things moving. But can you refrain from jumping in too quickly and instead just patiently ponder how best to proceed.

A time to reflect and consider what possibilities may lie ahead. And instead of acting first and thinking later, just stop and be still. In the stillness you can tap into the wisdom of this powerful moon and harness its energies to help propel you forward - but first sit and just Be.

Sometimes we just don’t know what lies ahead and a time of deep inner reflection can give strength and clarity. We can sometimes be too quick to think we know it all and can miss the opportunity to be guided. Learning to trust your greater guiding wisdom and intelligence will help you navigate your way through even the most challenging times.

Let go of expectations, and instead follow your inner wisdom. The path ahead may not be what you think as you are not alone on your journey. You are part of a much bigger cosmic plan which is naturally unfolding - and from this centred place of intuitive knowing propel yourself forward with great gusto.