New Moon Meditation - Aquarius

Beautifully inspiring and uplifting.

Weaving a collective vision for humanity. Pouring the waters of our own unique self into the ocean of creativity. Allowing transmutation of self-limitation to occur effortlessly.

The New Moon in Aquarius calls you to move beyond your personal hopes and dreams and instead question how you can be of service to a changing world. An opportunity to consider a deeper truth, a collective wisdom, a shared vision for the future of our beloved planet.

Time to think about playing a more positive part in the creation of a new world, perhaps.

Each individual is responsible for bringing in this new, awakened life force - and for grounding it in their own unique way. Take responsibility for a bigger, unified vision - with greater consideration and care shown to all sentient beings.

This New Moon invites you to connect more deeply to the power of the group mind. Change can occur when people come together - united in their love and support for one another and their shared environment.

Challenge all beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and judgments which suggest you are better than others - or separate from them. Instead open your mind to collaboration, and create something inclusive and sustainable - something you will be proud to pass on to future generations.