Enter the New

Come into a new awakened way of being.

Upgrades of energetic information like this transmission are here to support the evolution of human consciousness.

This high-frequency coded information is like fresh liquid light, it has not entered the consciousness of  humanity before and though it is much needed, it can take time to integrate fully.

Gently learn to accept and move through whatever is being presented to you more confidently and withe less resistance. Know and trust that everything is helping to guide you into a new, more authentic and heart-centred way of being. 

The energies are working with you, to help usher you into a new, more aligned phase of your life. 

You can get lots of support by receiving regular guided transmissions, such as this one into your energetic body to assist you through this transitionary time. Simply let the transmission wash over you, and it will naturally filter through and enrich your life as you Enter the New.

Duration is 30 minutes, then there is music.