Drop Deep into the Ocean

Feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed? – then you are not alone.

If you doubt yourself, or are unable to get motivated to take action, or you feel as though nothing makes sense and you fear you’re losing the plot – then well done, you are intuitively aligned with the energies of this present, but thankfully transient moment.

There is no real clarity in this moment, though there are great depths to immerse yourself in. The deep waters are calling, and it is time to let go into the ocean and relax entirely in the ebb and flow. Within the waters there are adventures to be had, stories to be told and an opportunity to dream big and use this metaphorical ocean as a story board to project your future wishes upon.


This is a time for deep inner reflection, an opportunity to allow the bigger picture to be glimpsed – and even if you ‘see’ nothing, you have to trust that something wonderful is gently awakening within you.

The heart aches to know truth, and yet the mind’s constructs are often interwoven with fakery, falsehood and misperception. As the sometimes suspicious, judging and doubting mind reacquaints itself with the integrity of the all loving heart, then many important internal conversations will take place. This inner dialogue can feel uncomfortable, conflict can be perceived externally as well as internally.

Each conversation, conscious or unconscious begs an important question, challenging previously held beliefs, rocking the foundations of what you thought you knew.  Each question needs an honest answer, though the question remains the same each time:
Is what I believe really true?

A new awakened heart frequency is flooding our planet. This energetic transmission is being received gradually and can be challenging, to say the very least. There are times when opening the heart will bring great joy and happiness, and there are other times when the pain, sadness and grief is overwhelming.

A natural evolution is occurring and the new heart must awaken to align with the heart of the cosmos. The pain and suffering will be released, creating an often overwhelming sense of sadness and grief. Old memories will be stirred, and underlying fears may arise – nothing you experience now should be over-analysed. These uncomfortable old feelings are literally passing through – just observe their passing, without attaching to them or creating stories around them.

A deep connection to yourself, and a greater trust in the process of evolution must be sought. Though you may not be able to logically understand what’s going on, and the mind may question endlessly, and doubt the truth that the heart offers – the true heart will keep giving.

Though the mind may wish to ask endless questions, the heart knows but one eternal truth.

As each conversation between heart and mind takes place a new map is being formulated. Though you may not have a clear idea of how your life will pan out, and whether or not you are currently on track, your empowered heart knows everything and is intuitively guiding you every step of the way.

The mind’s fundamental processing is going through an important upgrade. The maps that no longer serve the greater expansion of human consciousness are being deleted and new upgraded information is being received. Though the mind likes to believe it is in control, you cannot control this process – it is happening automatically and just requires you to relax, let go, and get out of the way. The heart’s intelligence works perfectly.

Struggle, confusion and fear come from trying to get a grip, or take control and fix things to your own limited perspective. It is not possible to do this at this time, and trying will leave you feeling unstable, and overwhelmed.


Let go in to the ocean of pure potentiality. Release yourself into the great cosmic flow. Be part of the evolutionary process by forgetting everything that you thought you knew. Swim in the depths. Escape into pure joy, experience this freedom; without searching, agenda, or thinking about what you might find, or what great mysteries will be revealed.

Trust the bigger, guiding picture to unfold and for there to be a perfect place for you within this magnificent, unfolding story.

Let the changing tides shape you, restore you to the glistening pearl of true wisdom that you are.

This is a time to stop seeking, and instead open the heart to what is already within.

The new heart frequency is here for you.

Completely surrender to the flow, like a fish to the sea.


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