Changing Tides

So how does it feel to be embracing change at last?

This is such a powerful time of deep receptivity; open the heart, breathe and receive.You are a vessel into which Light can be poured, and through which greatness can flow – when you allow.

Be happy in the knowledge that nothing is stagnant any more. The still ponds have been stirred awakening ancient sediment. The tides of every ocean turn in their own perfect time guided by the moon; they do this regardless of how you feel about change, or if indeed you feel ready.

Full moon 2

How wet you get may no longer be a choice as a great cleansing rain is needed for humanity, regardless of whether it suits your personal needs on any particular day.

Trust that no ocean is too deep, no storm more powerful than you, and no magnitude of water too great. These waters represent the emerging You of You and all its potential. Surrendering to the flow will enable you to truly receive and embody the transformational wisdom and energies of this time.

Though we all experience the ‘changing tides’ differently, what is for certain is that water itself is miraculous, essential for life and reflects everything in its environment.

As you deepen your connection to yourself and your supporting environment, you gently allow a powerful new relationship to emerge. As you relate more compassionately to the true feelings of your heart, and acknowledge with greater honesty what empowers, uplifts and motivates you, you will undoubtedly receive clearer guidance from within.

The time is here to reflect, to absorb, and to be receptive to what is on offer from your inner-guidance.

Maybe ask yourself …

What are you ready to offer of yourself?

And what are you truly ready to receive?


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