Ascension Check List

40 ideas to keep you focused.

World is Awakening

This check list can help give you an idea of your progress as you move through the inevitable awakening.  Tick the ones you have already mastered, and set the intention to make the other shifts you require as easily and naturally as possible.

Each one can provide plenty of food for thought, and you can come back to it time and time again and see what further integrations have occurred and what you’d still like to achieve.

This list is by no way exhaustive, so feel free to add your own examples too.

  1. You accept yourself.  You accept your past. You arrive in the present.
  2. You compare yourself to no-one, and instead see unique beauty in everyone.
  3. The simplest things bring you such pleasure
  4. You feel truly liberated, and at peace
  5. You consume far less, and are willing to share far more
  6. Competition is replaced by co-operation
  7. Your natural creativity knows no bounds
  8. You love your job, and would do it even if you weren’t being paid.
  9. You know everything is connected
  10. Know that what you do, and don’t do, matters.
  11. You live without fear, doubt, worry, guilt or shame.
  12. You live with enthusiasm, joy, openness and sincerity
  13. There are no more games, stories, attachments, hang ups – you are free.
  14. You need less, and give much more.
  15. You lead a life free from drama, with less emotional ups and downs
  16. There is a peaceful calm everywhere you go
  17. Everything comes together in perfect timing, without stress or effort
  18. It’s not that you don’t care, you just trust and know that all is as it is
  19. You have love and compassion for everyone, for all life
  20. You know power comes from the choices you make
  21. You choose to be in your power and consciously shape your world
  22. You stop searching, and instead just be
  23. You know that all the answers are within and you have full unlimited access
  24. Your every need is met effortlessly
  25. You take on challenges, seeing them as opportunities to grow further
  26. You have no interest in what others think of you
  27. You are your true magnificence, authentically You
  28. Being empathic is no longer draining
  29. Being telepathic becomes natural, and is validated
  30. Life is no longer judged by good/bad, right/wrong – you accept what is
  31. You trust your body’s natural inclination toward balance.
  32. You can thrive in any environment
  33. You are a space through which energy can flow – you trust and let go
  34. Your heightened awareness strengthens your mind, body and energy
  35. You know that all things are possible, and you believe in yourself
  36. Kindness, generosity, love and appreciation flow effortlessly
  37. Greater guidance continues to serve you in progressing with integrity
  38. Life is lived with fullness, passion, heart, wisdom and purpose
  39. Intuition is always followed, you consciously reside in truth
  40. The awakening is no longer sought, being awake is presence and service in action.


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