All Is Perfect

As the new energies settle, and you begin to integrate the changes more deeply, a gentle awakening occurs. The ascension process takes time; it is a step by step evolution of consciousness. There is no need to rush.


Take everything at your own perfect pace. Your personal journey is unique. Gently, bit by bit, you will let go of everything you are not, and become all that you truly are.

There will be many adjustments along the way, subtle changes in perception as well as challenges faced and deeply buried grief released. Much of our collective history is being purged and those who are sensitive to energies can often feel overwhelmed. The trick is to focus on where you are going, whilst being present to what Is. The inevitable collapse of the old world is occurring, and learning to adapt, observe and let go is key.

With so much destruction all around it can be hard to imagine that any good can come from the suffering and sacrifice that’s seen, but in truth the most powerful and fundamental shift is under way. We have to wake up. Never in the history of humanity has so much been possible as consciousness expands to a whole new level of unified awareness. You, and how you think and live your life, are at the forefront of this, leading the way.

The old familiar structures have to crumble, to make way for the new. This breakdown only becomes a problem when we perceive it as wrong, or bad. When we observe the perfection and natural order of existence, we can live peacefully through these changing times.

In Autumn, when the leaves fall from the trees no-one runs screaming through the forest shouting in fear – “the leaves are falling, someone stop this, this is a disaster!”
The tree doesn’t worry, and nor does the leaf – it just is.


This natural degeneration, the breakdown of everything which once sustained life, comes just before the regeneration and the start of a new cycle of growth. The leaves fall in perfect time; they create the much needed compost for new seeds to grow – and when the time is ready, in Spring, those new shoots of hope and life renewed will be seen.

Through the ascension process you may feel like a leaf falling into the unknown, or like a fresh new shoot emerging, raising up from the darkness, absorbing the light and being aware of the potential to grow and flourish. Both the falling leaf, and the rising shoot are of equal importance; one cannot occur without the other. Your experience of each will happen in perfect time.

Human beings are entering a new phase of their galactic cycle. Some are in the breaking down phase, falling from the trees, blowing on the breeze and wondering what’s going on, and what happened to the strength and security they previously held on to.

Many wonder where they will land, if there is hope for them, and whether this descent into the unknown will be the end of everything they believed in, everything they trusted and knew. It may take time for all that they thought they were, and everything they’d invested in to be reconciled. The winter can feel like a lonely, dark and empty place for a while.

This challenging cycle has to be honoured as it is this that brings richness to the earth and nourishment to all the new shoots which will inevitably emerge in perfect time.

Wherever you are on your personal journey, know and trust that through these often turbulent times, everything is perfect and flowing as part of a much greater overall plan.

Every individual is playing their part in this story of human evolution, and so whether you are part of the breaking down of the old, or the regeneration of the new, the full story of our collective success is yet to be seen.

A new world will emerge; it is part of the natural cycle and cannot be denied. How you personally deal with it is a choice. Make conscious choices, from an empowered perspective and trust in the heart’s longing and the shared love and determination of your brothers and sisters. Together unite and see the importance of surrendering to nature’s wisdom, rhythm and flow – work as one, harmoniously. The true heart knows that our planet and her senses are intricately woven with our own. We are One, we are remembering, we are awakening to truth, purpose and power.

The question is not whether or not we will succeed in building a new world, based on love, co-operation, and in tune with the natural cycles of life – the real question is whether or not we will accept, love and forgive ourselves for the part we’ve played in the collective destruction.

When we blame less, judge no more, and instead see ourselves as a whole, we will bridge the gap between worlds and celebrate in union with everyone, everywhere.

Strength comes from seeing the leaves fall, and for loving each one for the brave part they play. Peace comes from acknowledging the dark decay, without having to deny it, or brush it away. Love comes from accepting everyone for being exactly where they are, trusting them to embrace the challenge and let go – regardless of whether the challenge is to drop like a leaf from the tree top, or push through the soil to the light, or lie in the dark, hopeless.

All is perfect, all is Light.


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