Tracy Holloway

Awaken your Hands of Grace - Part 2

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The Great Awakening | Step into your power | Find your way home
We welcome you into the process of self-actualisation. If you are ready to truly evolve and be who you came here to be, discovering the treasures within you, then NOW is the time.
The Power of Letting Go – Come into Being
Can you feel the intense energies at the moment? Would you like to simply observe instead of attaching narratives to your feelings? Discover a deeper inner power and hold space in the present.
Choices from the Heart – Courage, Compassion and Clearing
Do you want to rise in power and create a new world? What choices will you make? What are you prepared to accept, or ready to let go of? The process can be stressful and challenging as you learn to align with your guiding inner wisdom.
Light Language Activation – Awakening your Heart Space
This video supports your inner work and will help you bring in more light. Come into your heart space to support yourself through this time of change. Light language can help you drop into your heart more easily and release old conditioning.
Inner Peace through Authenticity – Making choices for You
Being at peace with ourselves can be challenging. We may wish to be generous, full of love, open-hearted, positive and flowing with grace but in reality, when triggered it is not always like this – and that’s OK!
Go to Bed!
Finding the space to really connect with yourself can be challenging in this busy world. At this awakening time we need space to process the incoming energies; to reset, recalibrate and recode.
Your Internal Navigation System. Self-honesty, Wisdom and Power.
People love to be in control. It helps us to believe we are safe: safe in familiar patterns and habits, safe in our comfort zone. When we become uprooted, we feel unstable, unassured and uncertain.
Light Language Activation – Bringing Inner Balance
Learn how to elevate your frequency, and receive a light-language transmission to bring more balance to your life.
Create Sacred Space | Reduce Anxiety | Boost Health
How often do you create space for you to simply Be? Creating sacred space can be incredibly nourishing and important on this journey of transformation. Plug into an infinite source of replenishing energy for support, and connect with deeper parts of yourself. Make a shift in perspective and connect to a calming inner light where greater peace is obtainable.
Ride the Waves | Transformation | Self Discovery
Make time to be quiet and simply be with yourself without trying to do anything, or fix anything – simply Be, and gently observe. Discover the sacred space of your own gentle self-inquiry. Have compassion for yourself in this process of personal transformation.
Heart Signals to the Universe
The heart is a powerful signalling centre, sending direct messages to the Universe/Source. These messages are always heard and always answered. There is a continuous energetic exchange through our feelings, thoughts and awareness – these are our prayers to the universe.
Light Language Activation – Your True Essence
Light activations support the release of toxicity in all its forms. This particular activation gently opens the space of the physical body so that the older stored information which is no longer relevant can be released, allowing your true essence to shine through.
Awaken your Hands of Grace
Awaken your Hands of Grace
This 6 part series will guide you through the process of awakening your healing hands for both personal and planetary transformation.
Tea with Tracy - Star Children
Tea with Tracy - Star Children
Eva Fernandes talks with Tracy Holloway about Star Children. As the consciousness of humanity shifts we can become more aware of the role of Star Children and learn how best to support them on their mission.
Magical and Enchanted
Places of Natural Power
Magical and Enchanted
Places of Natural Power
Let's walk through the bluebells and connect to the Earth whilst we ponder how important it is to preserve the wild and magical nature of our beloved planet.
Connect with Trees
Connect with Trees
Sit with a tree and simply Be. Feel the power of this connection. Let the upward reach of the branches open your heart to the skies, whilst those deep roots ground you to the Earth. Breathe into this sacred space, feel the peace.
Connecting with Nature to Heal
Connecting with Nature to Heal
Walk with me, let's pick some wild garlic and talk about our connection to the natural world. We are part of the cycles of life, and as our planet goes through huge global change we must root in and remember who we are.
Sacred Waters
Sacred Waters
Our connection to the sacred waters of our land has never been more important. One drop, one flow, one world, one humanity - water connects us all.
Under the Oak tree
Under the Oak tree
Fancy sitting with me under the Oak tree?
Sunshine and daffodils
Sunshine and daffodils
Do you fancy coming for a little walk with me?