Tracy Holloway

Stonehenge StarGate Activation

Stonehenge at Sunset

Saturday 11th March 2017  4pm – 6pm
at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

Price: £95

UPDATE: This event is now fully booked.

We have exclusive access to Stonehenge at Sunset for this Ceremony of Light.

This is a very special and unique event activating the StarGate at Stonehenge and anchoring the energies for both personal and planetary awakening.

Come and be part of this magical, sunset ceremony and take your place physically amongst the stones with other Grid Workers, Key Holders and Ascension Pioneers.

The moon will be almost at its peak of fullness rising up in the East, as the radiant and forever giving sun sets gently in the West.

You are called to be in super-position at this potent time – anchoring the energies of a New Earth. An exchange of coded information will take place between You, the Cosmos and the Earth. This exchange of Light-Energy transmission will provide the perfect opportunity for you to release yourself into the next level of the awakening process – moving you into a higher frequency of authentic living.

A true gateway moment, and one that will continue to super-charge the Earth as she communes with the Sun, Moon and all celestial bodies – supporting you, both at this time and long after the event has passed.

A sacred journey within Stonehenge's StarGate at a very special moment in time.
Are you ready to take your place and be part of the Awakening of New Earth?

Some attendees will find themselves Called to Avebury before travelling to Stonehenge. If this is you, then you will be acting as a Grid Worker between these sacred sites. (More information to follow.)

Places are strictly limited and so do book your place now.


Saturday 11th March 2017  4pm – 6pm


Stonehenge (follow signs for Visitors Centre)

Please arrive at The Visitors Centre at 4pm. We are due to take the shuttle bus for just 2km at 4:30pm. We are a group of 30 and so make sure you are on time and well organised (this will help everything flow more easily). Please only take onto the bus and into the stones what you actually need - no extra stuff please. No big bags are allowed.

You are welcome to use the Life Upgrade forum to discuss and arrange lift sharing etc.