Tracy Holloway

Sacred Waters Ceremony

Saturday, 6th April 2024 Fully booked

From 10am to 4:30pm
Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK

Price: £75

Tracy atChalice Well

As a priestess for the sacred waters of the New Earth, Tracy invites you to join her in ceremony and celebration honouring the waters of life as they flow through the beautiful gardens at Chalice Well, Glastonbury.

This small and very special one day event will take you on an immersive and experiential journey into the sacred body of your own unique waters, and into communication and flow with the many messages encoded within the waters all around which offer guidance and support.

Through this ceremony, you will be guided to raise your frequency and access benevolent guidance, gently ushering you through a meditation process, gaining insights, wisdom and abundant blessings for your life.

You will energetically imbue/imprint your own creative vision for your life into potently charged, blessed sacred waters which can then be used for many magical and ceremonial purposes in your day-to-day life. You will take this blessed water away with you to benefit from long after this special, inspirational day.

You will also receive a powerful blessing, honouring you as a guardian for the sacred waters of the New Earth.

Due to the nature of this event and the venue, this class is limited to a small group, so please book ASAP if you feel called.

Saturday, 6th April 2024 Fully booked



Chalice Well
85-89 Chilkwell Street

There is no parking at the venue. The easiest parking is at Draper's Carpark - see the red map pin here. There is also parking in the surrounding streets.

Lunch / Drinks

Please bring your own packed lunch / picnic for the garden.

Hot drinks and spring water will be provided.