Tracy Holloway

Re-Coding the Light Matrix

Radiant Beings

Sunday 30th October 2016  10am – 6pm
in Almondsbury, Bristol, UK

Early bird price: £75 – available
until 12th October.
  Full price: £95
(price includes lunch)

UPDATE: This event is now fully booked.
If you wish to register for a stand-by place, please email your name and phone number to

A special one day event to explore the magic of You.

An opportunity to be guided through a very powerful process that will reunite you with many forgotten, yet important parts of yourself. Gently come back to You – and realise that stress, depression, uncertainty, self-doubt and overwhelm can come from being scattered through time and space. Integrate a higher wisdom and greater guiding intelligence – and navigate your way back to abundant inner peace.

There is so much more to You than you imagine – and you can call on all this and more to support you to create your life. Access this potential now – recalibrate and realign with the divine plan and begin to work towards a much greater acceptance of why you are here.

The truth is that most people live in the shadows of their own self-limitation, and only achieve a small portion of their hopes and dreams – rather than allowing their true, limitless Light to shine.

A re-coding of your own Light-Matrix will bring you greater clarity and vision, as well as gently guide you through the steps required to succeed in full.

Recognising where your limitations are is only a small part of the process; gaining true insight into who you are is also require – and then accepting this is a whole other story!

A day of sparkling Light energy transmission to support you at a time when the veil thins and the shadows dance.

Spaces are limited, so please book your place now.  


Sunday 30th October 2016  10am – 6pm

Starting at 10am sharp.


Court Farm, Almondsbury, Bristol, UK
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