Tracy Holloway

Keys to the Powerhouse

Keys to the Powerhouse

Sunday 24th March 2019
10am – 5:30pm
in Almondsbury, Bristol, UK

Early Bird Price: £75  (before Feb 10th)
Full Price: £95

Includes a delicious lunch by Anna Middleton.
Concessions and payment plan options available.

UPDATE: This event is now fully booked.
If you wish to register for a stand-by place, please email your name and phone number to

Join us for this special one day event and explore how you might be losing important power. As we make the collective shift to a new way of being you can perhaps feel lost, overwhelmed or unsure of who you are and what you’re doing. Navigating the no-man’s land between worlds can feel unnerving and never-ending as you attempt to find solid ground.

This natural evolutionary process has many challenges, but the main one is how to redirect your power to create your physical reality. If power is lost then you may struggle to build new foundations for your life and your physical health can become compromised.

Learn to recognise how you personally lose vital power.

This is a day of insights, reprogramming deep cellular information, empowering you to create from a place of unlimited power. You will receive guidance, important activation sequences and all the latest energetic upgrades to support this process.

Are you ready to truly unlock the Powerhouse within?


Sunday 24th March 2019  10am – 5:30pm

Starting at 10am sharp.


Court Farm, Almondsbury, Bristol, UK
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If you have some distance to travel, accommodation for the Saturday night is available. For further details, please contact